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Is your dog itching, scratching and shedding like crazy? ™


Your dog's food has been cooked to death! Destroying delicate nutrients and digestive enzymes. This destruction and lack of nutrients can cause your dog to suffer from a "Nutritional Deficiency Disease". Symptoms like dry itchy skin, lesions, hair loss, foul odor and excessive shedding can be symptoms your dog is lacking essential nutrients.

Without the proper nutrition your dog can suffer miserably. If you've tried medications and their just not working maybe his condition is not medical but nutritional. You will never know if your dog's problem is medical or nutritional until you try improving your dog's nutrition. This is why we offer our 90 Day Risk Free Trial. You have absolutely nothing to lose but a little effort. And you beloved dog is worth it! Try it today and see first hand what "two hundred thousand plus" dogs already know, Dinovite works!




Not sure what product to purchase?

We understand that looking at all our products can be a bit confusing. Especially if you are responding to a TV or radio commercial. So in an effort to help stream line your decision process let us point you in the right direction.

If you have seen or heard our commercials the product you want to purchase is Dinovite liquid in the single serve packs (pictured above). Each box contains a 90 day supply for your size dog. We have found that 90 days is the optimum time period to see good results. It is guaranteed so make sure you purchase enough to give your dog a fair shot.


If your dog is an absolute mess or you are tired of all the dog food recalls then try our "Homemade Dog Food Recipe". Our dog food recipe is easy to make, economical and tasty for your dog.

We also make a host of other all natural product to help your pets.


Quick description of our product line.

Our product line consist of:


Dog Supplements

We have a number of dog supplements. The most popular is our Dinovite Liquid, sold in a multi-use tube and single serve packets for small dogs, medium dogs, large dogs and giant dogs. This is the product pictured above. The single serve packets are the most popular because Dinovite Liquid has properties similar to "natural peanut butter" and can separate and become difficult to express from the tube. The Single serve packets can be massaged between fingers. This massaging will return the Dinovite Liquid to it's suspended state for easy serving.

 Dinovite Original Formula Powder

Our original product is called Dinovite  Canine, it is a powder you add to your dogs food. Dinovite Canine powder supplies the delicate nutrients cooked out of your dog's food. We recommend purchasing Lickochops  along with the powder to supply added omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids. Dinovite Liquid and Dinovite Powder work in a similar fashion but formulated differently.



Omega 3 & Omega 6 Fatty Acid Supplements

Omega 3 and omega six fatty acids are important to you pet's good health. Our products that provide these vital nutrients are Lickochops   and Supromega. Lickochops provides both omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids. Supromega provides omega 3 fatty acids, one through salmon oil and one fish oil. All our supplements are preserved naturally. Dinovite Liquid and the Original Formula both contain omega fatty acids but often time dogs and cats will benefit from additional Omega 3 & Omega 6 fatty acid supplementation. This is why we offer these stand alone supplements. If your dog has severe itching and terrible skin and coat then adding Lickochops or Supromega is in order.

Carnoyum dog supplement

Our supplement Carnoyum  is excellent for hardworking dogs who need added protein and nutrients for their active bodies. Dogs with heavy muscle mass like pitbulls will benefit from the added protein in Carnoyum.
Bestoshow dog supplement

Bestoshow is great for the show dog who needs to look his best.

!00% freeze dried beef dog treats

We also produce a line of freeze dried treats we call Nubonubs . Your dogs will absolutely love them. Nubonubs  don't have any of the harmful fillers that most dog treats contain, just beef.

Dogosuds organic dog shampoo

Pet shampoos are another source of harsh synthetic chemicals that can cause terrible itchy skin irritation for your dog. In an answer to this problem we have created Dogosuds our all natural, organic mild cleansing shampoos. Dogosuds shampoos rinse quick and don't contain harsh synthetic chemicals. Our dog shampoos are made with thereputic grade essential oils. You and your dog will love Dogosuds .

Dnovite supplement for cats

Dinovite Feline for cats. Cats are absolute carnivores and need quality meet proteins and digestive enzymes. Dinovite Feline supplies these and more to keep your cat healthy.

Dinovite horse supplement

Dinovite Equine is our supplement for horses. Packed with all the good stuff your horse needs to thrive.


You can always contact us with your questions - we’re here to help. For additional help check out our blog, it is full of informative articles.


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