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Ear Odor, Shaking and Scratching

Dog ears come in all shapes and sizes and are a big part of what gives our dogs their charm. It’s not so charming, though, when a dog starts shaking his head, walking with his head tilted to one side, or constantly scratching his ears while he moans and whimpers.

An ear problem can be caused by a foreign object lodged in the ear canal. Take a peek in the ear yourself with a flashlight or have a veterinarian look. Smell your dog’s ears. Sometimes problems are caused by bacteria or yeast setting up a home base inside your dog’s ears. You can often smell ‘em out.

But what causes an ear irritation in the first place? Allergies are the most common cause. Allergens are substances that an individual dog has a hard time dealing with. Pollens, microbes, smoke, polyester fabrics, insects, even dandelion fuzz can trigger an allergic reaction. We humans get runny noses and sneeze. Dogs lick their paws, get itchy skin, and… ear infections.

Creams, lotions, ointments and other treatments may relieve the symptoms temporarily. A better idea is to help your dog better resist the allergens out there in the outside world.

Try improving your dog’s diet.

Of course, you feed your dog good food. But even the best dog foods on the market are cooked or irradiated during the manufacturing process. Heat can destroy or damage certain enzymes and nutrients that canines need to maintain strong immune systems and overall good health. Dinovite® is a canine food supplement that adds those important nutrients and vitamins back to your dog’s diet.

Our recipe includes digestive enzymes that help break down difficult to digest substances and beneficial bacteria that can help the digestive system neutralize microbes and “bad bacteria” such as yeast. The other ingredients in Dinovite® promote overall good health; that can help him resist allergens, too.

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