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Dogosuds™ 8 oz. Shampoo Bundle

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Product Description

Get one of each and SAVE 21%!

Our DogOsuds Shampoos are loaded with all natural therapeutic, not just aromatherapy grade, essential oils.

Dogosuds™ 8 oz. Shampoo Bundle

Get one of each and SAVE 21%!

Our DogOsuds Shampoos are loaded with all natural therapeutic, not just aromatherapy grade, essential oils.


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  1. Wonderful scents

    Posted by Gina Mackbee on Aug 29th 2017

    These products are fantastic! We have a dog that has allergies and these are perfect for her.

  2. Smells so good

    Posted by Abbey Nevitt on Jun 27th 2017

    I love these shampoos! reasonable priced and they smell amazing.

  3. Clean fragrance, rinses easily and leaves the coat clean and shiny !

    Posted by Jan on Jan 29th 2017

    We use this product on our Rat Terrier. It is easy to use, has a clean fragrance and rinses off so easily. It leaves her clean and shiny. I was so impressed that I tried it on myself. Works great on humans too ! Doesn't have all the chemicals that human shampoos tend to have. We have been so pleased with it that we bought the bundle to try them all. ;)

  4. Great shampoo

    Posted by Colette on Jan 15th 2017

    We have tried other pet shampoos they seem to dry out the skin of our dogs. They would sell not realizing it was a cycle everything hard on the dogs coat. Changing to the dinovite shampoo adding fish oil to their food. Happy dogs no coat issues.

  5. Terriffic!

    Posted by RockettMan on Jan 12th 2017

    Excellent cleaning and suds. Smells great too. The unscented works well on my cats also.

  6. Pure & clean

    Posted by Kelly on Dec 31st 2016

    I'm a groomer & am very picky about new shampoos! This cleans great, is gentle & leaves an amazing smell for days! Can't wait until gallons are offered.

  7. Smells Great !

    Posted by Laura on Dec 6th 2016

    Smelled really good and rinsed off easily. So far, we love it.
    We have only used the lavender so far. Cant' wait to try the others.

  8. Strong odor

    Posted by Mary Ann Rand on Nov 11th 2016

    I purchased the essential oils shampoo and it so heavily scented it smell up the whole room. It is not a fragrance, not an odor, but a stench of patchouli that is overwhelming. Had to wash my dog again using just soap and still smells. Very disapointed.

  9. Loved the shampoo

    Posted by Tammy on Nov 9th 2016

    It smells incredible and it rinses really quickly to a clean shiny coat! The package gives you several choices depending on the mood :-).

  10. DogOsuds

    Posted by Olivia Nist on Oct 14th 2016

    Great rinsing shampoo. Great smells, have only used 2 of the 4 so far. Very runny, lathers well and rinses great. Only complaint is how liquid it is. Made coat shin and soft.

  11. Dinovite Shampoo great

    Posted by More than satisfied on Oct 3rd 2016

    Even use the shampoo for washing her harness. All I have used of yet is the Lavender. Ordered the set to make up my mind which is my favorite.

  12. Best shampoo

    Posted by MEK on Sep 30th 2016

    We use the shampoo every 2 to 3 days on our dog. We have use the shampoo in combination with Dinovite and the raw diet for the past two months. He has had skin issues for years. His skin hair, itching biting are significantly improved.

  13. Great Shampoo

    Posted by Unknown on Sep 25th 2016

    Our groomer uses this when giving our Sammy/Chow his bath. He smells great, but not perfumed. Don't let the word get out, but I use this shampoo myself. It has wonderful ingredients.

  14. Fabulous Dog Shampoo!

    Posted by Louann Zinsmeister on Aug 9th 2016

    I ordered the variety pack of DogOsuds after beginning my dogs on Dinovite and Lickochops. I figured if the shampoo was half as good as the Dinovite and LickoChops, that would be great. I love everything about the three shampoos with fragrance (the non-fragrance isn't my favorite - I like to smell a scent on my dogs). The shampoo suds up quickly and rinses out easily and leaves the coat fresh smelling and soft. The scent lasts for about a week - which I really like! I will be using this shampoo regularly and plan to have my groomer use it when I take my dogs for grooming. I recommend this product. It complements the good results that Dinovite and Lickochops have provided for my dogs.

  15. Good shampoo

    Posted by Mark on Aug 6th 2016

    Dog-o-suds is a good shampoo, I only wish it was cheaper that is why I only gave it 4 stars. I have a large dog and only get about 3 washes per tube. I don't know if they could come up with a natural anti- itch shampoo. I have tried them all and prefer the essential oil blend, however my dog seems to attract dirt on his coat quicker with the two shampoos with oils. He is White so I just deal with it, fortunately he loves getting clean.

  16. Awesome DogOSuds!

    Posted by Jennifer on Jul 22nd 2016

    We have been struggling with yeast including extreme itching and terrible smelling dogs. I tried the DogOSuds and was amazed how easily it washes out of the fur. The dogs are getting better and enjoying their bath more than ever. This product may be a little more than the mainstream dog shampoo, but it's well worth it!

  17. Super suds!

    Posted by Unknown on Dec 10th 2015

    I ordered the bundle and tried them as soon as they came. They lathered great and rinsed quickly. The scent stayed with my dog for over a week. Very nice! My dog itches and scratches a lot and the essential oil blend seemed to help. Love this stuff.

  18. Great stuff!

    Posted by Wes on Nov 22nd 2015

    The shampoo lathers well and rises fast! I bought the 4 tube sample pack and I'm not going back to the old shampoos.

  19. Good for guys.

    Posted by Unknown on Nov 17th 2015

    All good. Best body wash there is!!!

  20. Stronger Scents Needed

    Posted by Nancy on Aug 21st 2015

    Got the multi pack ? Shampoos smell great in the bottle but scent doesn't transfer to the dog ? Could lather a bit better, too ? Have not tried them all as of yet ? Fast delivery ...

  21. One time rinse

    Posted by Grumphead on Aug 4th 2015

    Unlike all other shampoos, dogosuds rinses clean with one rinsing . Not much fragrance, but I think fragrance is part of my dogs scratching problem

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