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Dog Shedding is Normal;
Excessive Shedding is not.

Years ago I believed there were two types of dog breeds: dogs that don't shed, like poodles, and dogs that do shed, like shepherds and short haired dogs. I personally love short hair breeds and border collies so I thought I was doomed to a life of sweeping up dog hair. Fortunately, I've learned that it doesn't have to be this way. Dinovite® can help eliminate dog shedding that is beyond normal.

Do your hairballs have hairballs?

Depending on where they live, shedding breeds will normally shed their thick winter coat in the spring. Groomers call it, “blowing their coat.” If your dog sheds constantly, though, or if his hair is stiff and brittle, that’s an abnormal condition that may be caused by poor nutrition.

Dinovite® canine supplements adds Omega-3’s, trace minerals and zinc to your dog’s diet. These natural foods are good for maintaining cell structure throughout the body and they promote a healthy shiny coat.

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Say "good night, so long, auf wiedersehen, adieu" to Excessive Shedding!

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