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Does Your Dog Itch and Scratch Like Crazy?

Dog itching and scratching is often a symptom of a simple problem, such as fleas.

Use a good flea shampoo and spray his bed with a good flea killer. Fleas spend about 20% of their time on dogs. The rest of the time, they roam around. So if you pick 20 fleas off Fido, there will be 80 more lurking under the ottoman.

If your dog is flea-free and still itches, he may have a deeper problem. such as dog allergies or unhealthy skin.

"My English Setter used to get severe rashes each and every summer since he was a puppy from what we thought was an allergy to grass. Every product we tried only reduced his scratching, but Dinovite has cleared the rashes completely. He is now enjoying the first summer in his young life itch free. John D.
Chesapeake, VA

Tired of spending, spending, spending?

Are you spending, spending, and spending at the vet trying to find an answer for your buddy? Have you tried an endless, unsuccessful string of pokes, pills, prods, and shots only only to end up where you began in the first place?

Order your Dinovite® right now! Choose the right size for your dog. Whether you have a small dog, medium dog, large dog or enormous dog or multiple dogs

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