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Why are Petco®, Petsmart® and other National Chains Not Authorized Dinovite Dealers?

Dinovite has a select number of resellers and they are selected based not on their ability to sell lots of products but on their passion for pet nutrition. You may find our products in a local health food store before a national chain pet store like Petco® or Petsmart®.

How can you know?

One of the things to consider when purchasing nutritional supplements is the time on the shelf. The best supplements have enzymes and other living organisms. These organisms, like all living creatures, eventually die.

At Dinovite® we craft the supplements you feed your buddy in small daily & weekly batches which keep our products as fresh as possible. Our supplements give your pet what they need to stay as healthy as possible. Healthy pets don't stink, shed constantly, scratch and itch endlessly and cost you thousands at the vet; they are a pleasure to be around and have something to give. If you buy supplements at a national chain, how can you know it's fresh? Could be a week old? Maybe a month? How about a year? How can you know?

Domestically Sourced

At Dinovite® we source ALL of our ingredients here in the U.S. you can't say that about all the products in national chain stores. Manufacturers are strong-armed in to lower and lower prices so the retailer can make more and more profit which forces the manufacturer to find cheaper and cheaper ingredients. Just as an example, we could buy cheaper Salmon Oil and make a higher profit -- but at what cost? The cost would be quality and that's too high a price for us. If we did, you may not even notice right away, but eventually you would and then stop buying the product. We'd rather you see amazing results with our products and stay with us a lifetime allowing us to earn a little on many orders rather than a lot on one or two.

That's Why we Sell Direct to YOU!

We sell direct so you don't have to pay a profit to a Distributor, a Broker, a Wholesaler & a Retailer like Petco®, Petsmart® or others. If you like brick and mortar we have 52,000 sq ft of it in Crittenden, KY and you can come by anytime. In the meantime, click on the link to our store and be sure you're getting the finest, freshest supplements available!