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"DINOVITE has made a huge change in my pitty. I highly recommend it for ALL pets. it's fantastic! She's like a different dog."

"We love Dinovite! No yeast problems for this girl 🥰"

"Logan, a rescue Dogue de Bordeaux who couldn’t get nutrients from kibble. I knew right away to use the Dinovite raw diet and supplement and look how handsome he is now!"

Meet Dixie"What a difference Dinovite has made in three weeks time! It's been three weeks tomorrow that we picked up Dixie from the Fayetteville Animal Shelter to foster her:) Cindy sent her a Dinovite care package and she is doing great!! I adopted her a week into the fostering. She is just such a sweet girl!"

No Problem"We adopted the blue Weimaraner that Dixie was found running with in Fayetteville County TNNo Problem. He is also doing so much better thanks to his Dinovite care package!"

Meet Ms. Molly"Started my Ms. Molly about a month ago and she has the shiniest coat! We did rescue her in December 2019, so Lord knows how her diet was. She has come a long way! Thank you Dinovite. 5 stars for this product" ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

No more allergies"Our 3 dogs have been on Dinovite for 4 years... no allergy problems at all! I highly recommend it as an every day supplement."

Healthy Dogs"Used dinovite for years. My dogs have healthy coats, strong teeth and are healthy. Boxer has horrible allergies but this has kept it under control."

Little dog, big help"I've use this product for many years. I have a little dog who had so many skin and eye issue he was miserable. The vet kept putting him on medicine after medicine and it did not help. Anybody who has any issues with skin or indigestion by this!"
welcome to dinovite
My name is Ed Lukacevic the founder of Dinovite, Inc. and I would like to take a moment and tell you “Why” we do what we do. I’ve spent my whole life surrounded and immersed with animals and like you, I get great joy and happiness from them. They are my friends and family. Our pets are always happy to see us, a true blessing. These friends are counting on us to feed them well and love and care for them, body and soul. So, our goal at Dinovite, Inc. is to help you do that for them by providing nutritional supplements that can provide what may be missing in their diet, toys, and treats that are fun for them and soon we will have a training section where you can learn and grow a deeper relationship with your pets.
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