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Dogosuds Essential Oil 8 oz.

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    Product Description

    Smells Great!

    Makes your dog smell WONDERFUL for a long time! Most men love this fragrance and the Peppermint & Tea Trea Oil Dogosuds.

    Rinses Quick

    Lathers beautifully...and RINSES EASILY!

    Gentle & Soothing

    Contains 100% pure, therapeutic grade essential oils that have natural, soothing, healing properties!
    Gentle, soothing shampoo-works well for sensitive skin.

    No Harsh Chemicals!

    Dogosuds are all natural dog shampoos that do not contain any harsh chemicals that can irritate your dog's skin and cause crazy itching!


    Dogosuds works great to remove SKUNK odor!


    Saponified coconut oil, Saponified olive oil, Saponified jojoba oil, vegetable gum/glycerine extract, aloe extract, yucca extract, peppermint extract, lavender extract, tea tree oil, bergamot extract, geranium extract, patchouli extract, sandalwood extract and rosemary extract.

    Dogosuds Essential Oil 8 oz.

    Smells Great!

    Makes your dog smell WONDERFUL for a long time! Most men love this fragrance and the Peppermint & Tea Trea Oil Dogosuds.

    Rinses Quick

    Lathers beautifully...and RINSES EASILY!

    Gentle & Soothing

    Contains 100% pure, therapeutic grade essential oils that have natural, soothing, healing properties!
    Gentle, soothing shampoo-works well for sensitive skin.

    No Harsh Chemicals!

    Dogosuds are all natural dog shampoos that do not contain any harsh chemicals that can irritate your dog's skin and cause crazy itching!


    Dogosuds works great to remove SKUNK odor!


    Saponified coconut oil, Saponified olive oil, Saponified jojoba oil, vegetable gum/glycerine extract, aloe extract, yucca extract, peppermint extract, lavender extract, tea tree oil, bergamot extract, geranium extract, patchouli extract, sandalwood extract and rosemary extract.


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    1. Best shampoo

      Posted by Unknown on Jan 14th 2019

      Love the all natural shampoo, the fragrance sticks with my pups for a good while.

    2. Love it!!!

      Posted by Sandra House on May 31st 2018

      It's very concentrated so you can mix a little with water or even baby shampoo. It lasts a long time. Everyone always comments on how wonderful my dogs smell even after a few days of their bath!

    3. heavenly days my gsd

      Posted by Ginny Braun on May 26th 2018

      "Major" is on the Dino-Vite carb free diet for a yeast overgrowth. When we come inside, he runs and jumps in the bath tub ready for his bath with Dog o Suds essential oil shampoo! Soothing and smells good to boot! :)

    4. Love it

      Posted by Brian on May 20th 2018

      Absolutely love this product o(on my dog of course) and he seems to like it too.

    5. Love it

      Posted by Wanda Smith on May 16th 2018

      The suds and smell of this shampoo are great! Love how soft my dog is after his bath.

    6. Worked better than prescription

      Posted by JudithAnn on May 13th 2018

      My vet. gave me a prescription shampoo for $70.00. It smelled bad, was time consuming, and not that effective. The Dogosuds was fast, budget friendly, and I saw instant results. I'm soooo glad I gave it a try, and am going to stick with it.

    7. not for dandruff

      Posted by Jeanine on May 8th 2018

      Smells great but did nothing for her dandruff.

    8. Soothing Relief shampoo

      Posted by Cheryl Grad on Apr 29th 2018

      Our dog has so itchy, Her baths are a time of refreshing relief. Warm water wash and cool water rinse. After bathing our dog is relaxed and ready for a good nap. She smells great too!

    9. smells so good

      Posted by Becky on Apr 2nd 2018

      This shampoo does smell good and my dog smells good for several days after!

    10. smells great

      Posted by Leza Welsh on Mar 15th 2018

      It smells really good and is gentle on my dogs skin.

    11. my dog smells good

      Posted by Marla on Mar 15th 2018

      We love this product. Our dog has some kind of skin condition and we use this with dinovite to keep it under control. He smells good for a few days. Not like wet dog, but actually has a very nice scent.

    12. Mmmm good

      Posted by Debbie on Mar 5th 2018

      My babies smell so good for a good week after we use the essential oil shampoo and it cleans great!!!

    13. Best Stuff for Washing a Dog

      Posted by Steven Lee on Feb 23rd 2018

      Love this stuff. Great smell and cleans well.

    14. i love it

      Posted by Mildred on Feb 15th 2018

      i don't use anything else. it smells good until i give her another bath in around 3 weeks.

    15. We buy dogosuds on a regular basis

      Posted by Kelvin Archer on Feb 4th 2018

      My wife and I buy dogosuds essential oil shampoo on a regular basis. It works great for getting out dirt and even stains from food, grass etc. Another benefit is the great smell . I bath our dog usually once week, and even with him going outside to do his business and longer in the summer months, the great smell holds on throughout the week. Also leaves his coat smooth and soft.

    16. so good

      Posted by jill on Jan 10th 2018

      Moisturizing and smells so good. The ingredients are all natural. I use it to smells just like Aveda hair products. Also hand soap leaves my skin so soft. The only problem is I wish they had more options on hair care products like maybe a oil
      Treatment. Love Love

    17. Bow-Wow, LOVE IT!!!

      Posted by VI on Jan 10th 2018

      I was so glad to receive my order and quickly gave Miss Keysha (almost 13 yr old Bichon Frise) a sudsy little bath. I LOVE the smell and I LOVE the way it made her hair soft and silky!!! Also started her Homemade Dog Food (she loves) and on Dinovite (she likes) and SuperOmega (does not like aroma but tolerates 1 drop in each serving). It's about the journey and here we go......DOGGIE POWER! Thank you for helping me help my little girl!

    18. For a Heavenly Scented Dog

      Posted by Debbie Appelman on Jan 7th 2018

      This is an excellent all natural shampoo that smells so good. Its a light clean scent that doesn't bother your dog a bit. It shampoos up nicely, cleans well, and rinses our easily. I don't use it around the eyes.

    19. Wonderful Product

      Posted by Unknown on Dec 25th 2017

      My dog has short silky hair so I was looking for a shampoo that would not dry out her skin. I loved the smell and how only a little went a long way. My only complaint is I would prefer this to be in a bottle. When I lay it down to scrub her, it starts to leak out on to the side of the tub. Besides that, I would recommend this product. She smells great for days and no scratching or chewing.

    20. Wonderful Product

      Posted by Unknown on Dec 25th 2017

      My dog has short silky hair so I was looking for a shampoo that would not dry out her skin. I loved the smell and how only a little went a long way. My only complaint is I would prefer this to be in a bottle. When I lay it down to scrub her, it starts to leak out on to the side of the tub. Besides that, I would recommend this product

    21. GREAT Dog Shampoo!

      Posted by wewild@live.com on Oct 30th 2017

      This all natural dog shampoo smells great, cleans well and leaves my dog's skin without irritation or dryness. He still smells wonderful a week after his bath and it's all natural.

    22. Smells bad

      Posted by Jan Sons on Oct 30th 2017

      It smelled like tar, so I just washed it off before doing the whole dog.

    23. Love dog o suds!!!!

      Posted by Amy Biermann on Oct 23rd 2017

      This is the best dog shampoo ever! The smell is a bit masculine so we use it on our male Cane Corso. They have double coats, but this shampoo cleans deep and rinses easily leaving them smelling good and shiny!


      Posted by Nancy on Oct 16th 2017

      My dog was bothered by itchy skin and I tried everything to no avail. My son told me to try your shampoo and so I did. I'm so happy I did because the results are amazing. My dog no longer scratches himself all of the time and his coat is so shiny and soft and he smells good for days! Thanks for a great Natural Product that really works

    25. You and your dog will love this shampoo

      Posted by patti j on Sep 28th 2017

      I love this shampoo and so does my 2 yr old boxer get the pachouli one it smells so good and cleans them you don't need a lot of it and priced good! Love it

    26. Love, love, love!!!

      Posted by Barbara on Sep 25th 2017

      This shampoo makes my two senior yorkies smell amazing, leaves their coats soft and fluffy, and does not make their skin dry or itchy. The scent (sandlewood) lasts a couple of weeks!! It has become my go to shampoo for my fur babies.

    27. Furrkids super clean & smelling great!

      Posted by Ana Billingsley on Sep 19th 2017

      Love this shampoo and the Tea tree one. Gets my little guys super clean and they smell great for days! A small amount goes a long ways. Going to try the lavender one soon.

    28. LOVE IT

      Posted by Unknown on Aug 28th 2017

      So happy to find a good cleansing shampoo that's not full of chemicals for my fur babies.

    29. Smells Dreamy!

      Posted by Lois H Joss on Aug 20th 2017

      First Shower Kita really enjoyed. She smells minty and so squeaky clean! Love it!

    30. Humans can use it to!

      Posted by Tony Vitale on Aug 5th 2017

      This product is amazing! We use it on our dog also as a hand soap AND, I wash my 4 yr. old grandsons hair with it! It's so gentle and the smell is incredible!!!

    31. Old Hippy

      Posted by Mary Anne T Lione on Aug 3rd 2017

      This soap works very well on our dog. He is a short hair mutt and tends to shed a lot. He loves his shower with this soap. Yes, shower. He comes into the shower and stands while I use the hand attachment. After his shower he has a distinct scent of Patchouli Oil. If you were a youth in the 1960's you know exactly what I am talking about. He shines like a new penny and sheds a little less. We call him the Old Hippy (his name is Andy) for a few days after the shower.

    32. Excellent

      Posted by Joyce Morse on Jul 25th 2017

      Love this shampoo! Leathers great and rinsed easily! Definitely recommend!

    33. Great Product

      Posted by Unknown on Jul 25th 2017

      I love this stuff. The love everything about it. It makes my dogs coat and skin great plus it smells terrific.

    34. WORKS GREAT!

      Posted by Kristen Merry on Jul 21st 2017

      I LOVE THIS STUFF. I find that the scent repels fleas. My dog rarely gets fleas, but every once in a while he will get one or two. All I did was open a bottle of this while my dog was in the tub and the scents from the essential oils made the flea JUMP right off. The only thing I don't love about it is the consistency is a little runny. It gives my dog a nice masculine smell that isn't sweet like other brands (which I feel attracts fleas).

    35. Love this shampoo.

      Posted by Mary on Jul 10th 2017

      I don't use anything else! Other shampoos caused itchiness and irritation. Love the one with essential oils, makes dogs smell great!

    36. Suds

      Posted by chuck57201 on Jun 20th 2017

      Did not help
      Bad after smell

    37. Really nice

      Posted by Betty J Foss on Feb 26th 2017

      The dogs feel and smell so nice. Less itching. That goes with the raw diet

    38. Dog o suds

      Posted by April Smith on Feb 20th 2017

      I think this product is probably a great product for most dogs. However, my dog has a very bad dry skin and itches to the point that she bleeds. I washed her with this product and then applied coconut oil. She seemed irritated so the next day I washed the oil off with your product. I washed her again the next day once more which may have been too much. Her fur is falling off in clumps. I feel i washed her too many days in a row and maybe the tea oil in the product was too strong. I have since left her alone and have not washed her again. The itching seems better but her fur is still shedding. Any suggestions?

      Note from Dinovite: Please call, email or live chat with your questions, we are here to help.

    39. Works!!

      Posted by Steve on Feb 15th 2017

      My dog's itching/dry skin has been dramatically reduced. Great products and advice.

    40. Great shampoo

      Posted by Norma R. Evans on Feb 9th 2017

      Smells great! Very sudsy! Best smelling dog shampoo I've found.

    41. Smells great

      Posted by Jerry on Feb 9th 2017

      My dog smells better longer and his hair is softer than other dog shampoos I have used

    42. helps my dog

      Posted by Unknown on Feb 1st 2017

      always helps my dogs skin! seams thicker this last time?

    43. Excellent Dog Shampoo

      Posted by Paul Schmidt on Jan 20th 2017

      Great product! This provides thorough and effective cleaning without harsh chemicals. Leaves coat soft, and shiny. Only problem is the cost.

    44. good

      Posted by john Fleming on Jan 9th 2017

      cleaned down to the skin with one application easily rinsed away

    45. Best dog shampoo!

      Posted by Sarah Burns on Jan 5th 2017

      All of the smells of these shampoos are amazing! My dog has very itchy and sensitive skin. He was also very yeasty for awhile (German Shep) before we found out what he needed for dog food. This shampoo took care of everything. His coat is shinny, he smells fantastic and he loves bath time! He gets compliments all the time from people about how good he smells! I've got my sister buying it for her dogs. This scent is my favorite because it smells like our home. I always have patchouli oils going, our laundry detergent is patchouli, I wear it, haha! So now he smells just like the family!

    46. Dog-O-Suds

      Posted by lulu180 on Dec 29th 2016

      Works great -- smells good -- and does wonders for my dog's dry skin.

    47. GREAT

      Posted by Nancy M Mulhollen on Dec 19th 2016

      Love the dog shampoo, it has a good scent and washes off our dogs really easy. Hoping it will help one of our pups coats. Just started using it.

    48. Great!

      Posted by Unknown on Dec 2nd 2016

      Love this shampoo! Makes pooch smell fantastic!

    49. Dogosuds essential oil blend

      Posted by Unknown on Nov 25th 2016

      Love this shampoo. It has helped my Scottish Terrier's skin during peak allergy season. I have used it for a year now and won't use anything else.

    50. Nice

      Posted by Unknown on Nov 19th 2016

      Great smell but dog still stinks 10 minutes after bath! Lol! I just have a stinky hound! There is no hope for this house! Burn candles & hope I get a clean smelling house back before I die!!

    51. works well!

      Posted by laura on Nov 5th 2016

      Cleans coat well. Stays clean feeling for a long time. Seems to be helping with itching along with Dinovite supplements. Will continue to use as long as it works. Smells great too! Laura

    52. Best Pet Shampoo Ever!

      Posted by Anthony Andrews on Oct 19th 2016

      Started using Dinovite products and our Dog's issues went away within 1 month... I am sold and will tell all how good this product is, thank you Dinovite.

    53. smells good!

      Posted by Dave on Oct 13th 2016

      We were impressed with Dogosuds. I know they felt better. Already with the Dinovite they have decreased their scratching and this is a great addition to their care.

    54. Perfect Balance

      Posted by Kim on Oct 9th 2016

      So gentle yet cleans beautifully.

      Wonderful fragrance and our dogs' coats shine like never before. They visit the beach several times per week and I'm never afraid of their skin drying outime with so many light baths. I love that they never scratch or get flaky.

    55. shampoo

      Posted by Unknown on Oct 3rd 2016

      Puts the oils needed for dogs that itch to stop.

    56. Helps skin

      Posted by Unknown on Oct 2nd 2016

      Dog had bumps all over after 2 baths hair looks great skin feels smoother and he smells much better and his hair is soft

    57. Smells GREAT!!

      Posted by Teresa on Oct 1st 2016

      I love, love love this shampoo. It is by far the best smelling dog shampoo I've SMELLED!! EVER! It last for at least 2 weeks or longer. before the fragrance wears off. This, is truly a keeper : )

    58. Mmm! Smells so good!!!

      Posted by Unknown on Sep 29th 2016

      I LOVE this shampoo for our three dogs!!! They smell so clean and fresh for weeks! So great for our dogs with sensitive skin. Love, love, love this!

    59. works well

      Posted by Unknown on Sep 21st 2016

      Works well. Lots of suds. Scent lingers for days, Although my daughter thinks it gives our dog a "Grandma smell".

    60. Working but smells

      Posted by Billie on Sep 16th 2016

      This seems to be working for our baby girl - however, I believe we will be trying out the lavender - We don't really care for the smell. May be a different smell though once we get her skin cleared up.

    61. Best Ever

      Posted by Unknown on Sep 16th 2016

      This shampoo smells wonderful and cleans the dogs with just one application. Highly recommend.

    62. Need too much to shampoo a big dog

      Posted by Unknown on Aug 28th 2016

      I will probably get 2 shampoos out of this bottle for my golden retriever. It also has a distinctive smell that didn't go away after our dog was dry.

    63. The best shampoo!

      Posted by Unknown on Aug 14th 2016

      My dog is sensitive to most shampoos. I tried a sample of the lavender first. The best fragrance and rinses completely even after a wonderful lather! Will only use this product on my bestie from now on!

    64. works on odor

      Posted by Unknown on Aug 10th 2016

      Smells good and leaves his coat nice and soft.


      Posted by Tracy on Jul 30th 2016

      Love that it is all natural! My Shih Tzu smells so good. Still itching though

    66. Dogosuds

      Posted by Unknown on Jul 29th 2016

      OMG this shampoo smells so good. You can actually tell your dog had a bath. Love it.

    67. Great antidote for doggy oder

      Posted by Sam on Jul 24th 2016

      Nice and mild shampoo with great smell

    68. Excellent Poduct

      Posted by Unknown on Jul 23rd 2016

      This shampoo is the one to use if you have an typically "outside dog" who lives inside with you. It stopped the odor that nothing else would. It has a pleasant, though stronger fragrance than others in this line. Paige, a German Shorthair is soft, slick and shiny and has no more itchy, flaky skin.


      Posted by Unknown on Jul 21st 2016

      My beagle smells great
      & her coat looks healthy!

    70. dogosuds essential oils shampoo

      Posted by Unknown on Jul 18th 2016

      This is great shampoo! Rinses easily and smells great! Does not dry out the coat. Leaves my yorkie's hair soft and tangle free!

    71. Absolutely the best dog shampoo

      Posted by Unknown on Jul 11th 2016

      This soap cleans the dog in one application. it is easy to apply and easier to rinse out. It is all we used since we discovered it 5 years ago

    72. Fantastic fragrance

      Posted by Mike on Jun 30th 2016

      This soap not only cleans your dog and gives their hair a luxurious feel, but the fragrance is great and lasts for days. We bought some for our kids dogs.

    73. Best shampoo

      Posted by Mark B on Jun 25th 2016

      I have been using this shampoo for years. Doesn't dry their skin out at all and the smell stays on them for weeks

    74. Loves it

      Posted by teresa bruno simmons on Jun 23rd 2016

      Our dog smells wonderful and is so soft after using

    75. Essential oil blend: works but REEKS!

      Posted by Dave on Jun 15th 2016

      Essential Oils Blend:
      The good: It rinses off well, leaves the dog soft, leaves the dog with no smell when it finally wears off.

      The bad: I literally can't give this stuff away, nobody will take it. The smell is extremely strong, horrible on my allergies, and my house stinks for days after using it. Maybe it's the geranium extract and/or patchouli extract, but I can't tolerate the smell of this at all.

      Excepting the smell, it's good shampoo. Even keeps the dog from smelling like a dog 10 days later. I'll try the less scented or the tea tree oil next, maybe those won't have the smell problem. Otherwise I might just have to try some human baby shampoo.

    76. Amazing Soap!

      Posted by Coley on Jun 3rd 2016

      I Love this soap!!! The scent keeps unwanted bugs away from my dogs. They smell good and you don't need a lot because it goes a long ways! Its gentle on my dogs skin and has helped reduced itching for her. I wish I knew of this soap sooner! It works better than all other dog soaps I've ever tried.

    77. The best shampoo!

      Posted by Lisa on May 24th 2016

      Truly the best dog shampoo I ever had! Ive had natural products before but not like this The stuff suds up brilliantly! You don't need half a bottle to do a shampoo and it smells great!

    78. Liquid Gold!

      Posted by Anne Pritchett on Apr 21st 2016

      I absolutely love this product. It rinses clean, smells amazing and has really helped with with my dogs dry skin and shed control. Down side is that this shampoo is only available in 8oz tubes, I have a big dog so it doesn't take long to go through. I ordered 2 this time.

    79. Shampoo

      Posted by Donna on Apr 17th 2016

      I love the shampoo and so does my groomer. I do believe it has helped her itchy skin. I love the smell that it leaves too. I will continue to use this.

    80. Dogosuds is great

      Posted by Fred on Apr 10th 2016

      We love it. Our dog's coat is so smooth, he hardly scratches, and he smells good

    81. Not for dogs with sensitive skin

      Posted by Jeff on Apr 4th 2016

      Our French bull dog has marked the 3 month mark on Dinovite and homemade dog food. He was doing great until we used the dogosuds. Unfortunately it's not the product for him. He broke out in hives and became itchy. It's been about a month and several baths to wash off the product and he is improving. Just a caution for those with dogs with sensitivities.

    82. Itch Relief in a Bottle

      Posted by Nancy Richards on Apr 1st 2016

      We've tried many shampoos for our poor dog. She suffers from dry, itchy spots, and warts. This shampoo consists of all natural, essential oils. I can pronounce every ingredient! Dixie is less itchy, the dry spots are not as dry. Will be using on a weekly basis to help her. And...it smells heavenly!

    83. AWESOME

      Posted by Susan Tubbs on Mar 31st 2016

      This product is AWESOME! It not only cleans, it also removes fleas! It rinses away easily! Best pet shampoo I have ever tried!

    84. Smells wonderful!

      Posted by Unknown on Mar 26th 2016

      This shamooo made my do smell great and her coat was very clean and soft looking. The best part: it soothed her yeast infection very well!

    85. Our labs love it

      Posted by Jim on Mar 24th 2016

      Great product and the labs smell great for days

    86. My groomer is impressed!

      Posted by Jackie on Mar 13th 2016

      I've only had her groomer use this once since I only ordered it a while ago but my groomer says it's great & my Bella smelled great & she smelled great for a week! I've used other shampoos that were nice but this seems even better!

    87. Best Shampoo Ever

      Posted by Unknown on Mar 10th 2016

      I've had plenty of dogs and have given plenty of dog baths but this dog shampoo is by far the very best I've ever used! I've got a 70 lb Pit Bull and just a few drops of this shampoo had the whole dog lathered up. He's smelling great for over a week now and his coat super soft and shiny. I'm sold!

    88. unique product

      Posted by Unknown on Mar 9th 2016

      we have 3 standard poodles and this shampoo leaves them smelling great for at least 2 weeks.

    89. Finally!

      Posted by Kyna Nobles on Mar 9th 2016

      The Dogosuds Essential Oil Blend is wonderful! Thank you so very much for this product! I have struggled with finding a dog shampoo that has the right balance of what's healthy for skin & what smells good. It lathers up wonderfully & leaves my dog smelling patchouli scented. I tell my husband that she smells like a little hippie, ha! Can't wait to try the lavender & for hot summers in Florida, the peppermint!

    90. Super shampoo

      Posted by Joan on Mar 7th 2016

      Love this shampoo. Leaves my German Shepherd smelling good for days, also makes her coat soft and fluffy.

    91. New Dog

      Posted by Kat on Mar 6th 2016

      Annie is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and she is a new dog. Of course that wouldn't be possible without Dinovite, but your shampoo is awesome. I took her to be groomed and they used the shampoo (which I asked to use) and they raved about it. Annie is soft and fluffy! After a week, she still smells Devine! Can't stop bugging my Annie!

    92. Dogosuds smells great

      Posted by Michele Brown on Feb 28th 2016

      I love the Dogosuds. My dogs smell great for days. Love the smell. Great product

    93. Great Item

      Posted by Unknown on Feb 22nd 2016

      Love this shampoo! Rinses away super fast and leaves the dog feeling and smelling nice

    94. Smells great!

      Posted by Katie on Feb 19th 2016

      I was looking for more improvement in my dogs scratching since we've only been on Dinovite for a few weeks. I tried the shampoo and definitely noticed an improvement in my dog. And it smells great! My suggestion would be is to make the product a bit thicker so it's not so runny.

    95. Love all scents

      Posted by Unknown on Feb 9th 2016

      I think I have one of each tube of shampoo. Dog does well with skin and itching. Nice coat when dried. Great product.

    96. Great Product

      Posted by Unknown on Feb 1st 2016

      This soap leaves no residue and my small dogs do not itch after baths. It has a great scent also.

    97. kills the fleas.

      Posted by Unknown on Jan 31st 2016

      Killed the fleas, but made him flake real bad. I'll have to try it every other bath.

    98. Impresses

      Posted by Unknown on Jan 16th 2016

      Purchased Essential Oils Blend for my grandpup who has a terrible skin condition. After one use, his skin and coat improved and after additional baths, he is no longer scratching and chewing at himself. Also used it on my dog and discovered that she smelled fresh longer and even smelled good after being in the rain.

    99. Glad someone agrees.

      Posted by Chase Smith on Jan 5th 2016

      Great company. Good product. Terrible fragrance. The overwhelming smell of hippie forces me to rate this product poorly. I asked my friends and the odor was not as distinct to them, but this was about a week after the bath. Do not "give it a chance" if you don't like the smell of hippie. Try another fragrance. Unless you like the smell of hippie. In that case, use this fragrance.


      Posted by Jan Bloom on Jan 2nd 2016

      i was lazy & took the tube of Dog O Suds to Petco to get our Border Collie mix shampooed for them to use. When I picked her up they mentioned they liked the essential oils in it & the good scent. She was beautiful!! Shiny, smelled great & was a happy dog again. Very good quality product. Thank you

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