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Dogosuds Lavender 8 oz.

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    Product Description

    Smells Great!

    Makes your dog smell WONDERFUL for a long time! Most women love this fragrance.

    Rinses Quick

    Lathers beautifully...and RINSES EASILY!

    Gentle & Soothing

    Contains 100% pure, therapeutic grade essential oils that have natural, soothing, healing properties!
    Gentle, soothing shampoo-works well for sensitive skin.

    No Harsh Chemicals!

    Dogosuds are all natural dog shampoos that do not contain any harsh chemicals that can irritate your dog's skin and cause crazy itching!


    Dogosuds works great to remove SKUNK odor!


    Saponified coconut oil, Saponified olive oil, Saponified jojoba oil, vegetable gum/glycerine extract, aloe extract, yucca extract, lavender extract and rosemary extract.

    Dogosuds Lavender 8 oz.

    Smells Great!

    Makes your dog smell WONDERFUL for a long time! Most women love this fragrance.

    Rinses Quick

    Lathers beautifully...and RINSES EASILY!

    Gentle & Soothing

    Contains 100% pure, therapeutic grade essential oils that have natural, soothing, healing properties!
    Gentle, soothing shampoo-works well for sensitive skin.

    No Harsh Chemicals!

    Dogosuds are all natural dog shampoos that do not contain any harsh chemicals that can irritate your dog's skin and cause crazy itching!


    Dogosuds works great to remove SKUNK odor!


    Saponified coconut oil, Saponified olive oil, Saponified jojoba oil, vegetable gum/glycerine extract, aloe extract, yucca extract, lavender extract and rosemary extract.


    Product Reviews

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    1. Love ut but oricey

      Posted by Unknown on May 20th 2018

      Love this product but when u have 3 dogs it adds up quick n by comparison it’s pricey.

      It smells great in the dogs especially the one I have that loves to roll in any n everything offensive to the nostrils!! Lol

    2. Nice

      Posted by Lisa on Mar 21st 2018

      This shampoo is great, I love that it smells like real lavender not the fragrance of lavender. Works well and unlike some shampoo’s it is easy to rinse out.

    3. Drys Out Coat

      Posted by Renee Bourgeois on Dec 28th 2017

      This product, while smelling OK, really dried out my Norwich Terrier's puppy coat and skin.

    4. great product

      Posted by Susan Abell on Nov 7th 2017

      This is a great product. We've been using it for awhile and are very satisfied with it. I'd recommend it to anyone. The smell is good and long lasting.

    5. Smell is so so

      Posted by Fran on Oct 22nd 2017

      The lavendar does not really smell that great and it doesn't stay with the dog like I was hoping.

    6. Not Your Typical Shampoo

      Posted by Elaine on Oct 19th 2017

      When we adopted our Cockapoo he was itching like crazy. First part of the plan was to take him off the crappy kibble he was on from the breeder. The second was to try the DogOsuds shampoo. Its been three months since starting Dinovite mixed in with his raw diet. (See the website for the recipe) and using the shampoo. Aside from an occasional itchy ear, he no longer loses his mind scratching. I am a believer!

    7. good stuff

      Posted by Toots Lewis on Oct 9th 2017

      Like it. My dog smells good and fur stays soft for weeks

    8. Love the smell

      Posted by Alison on Jun 26th 2017

      I loved the smell of product and how long the smell lasted. I did not buy again for two reasons. First, the shampoo is too pastey...and difficult to soap up our big dog. If product was easier to soap up/spread I would buy again. Also, because of this we used our pricey tube very quickly so it was not cost effective.

    9. Shampoo

      Posted by Susan Abell on Mar 7th 2017

      The is the best shampoo for my Maltese. It makes her smell great too!!

    10. Love ❤️ it!!

      Posted by Annette on Feb 13th 2017

      I have tried several dog shampoos for my Westie. This lavender shampoo is awesome. My dog smells wonderful a week after her bath. I will buy no other shampoo brand moving forward

    11. smells good not too heavy

      Posted by Virginia House on Feb 11th 2017

      Like it

    12. Disappointing

      Posted by Deb on Jan 7th 2017

      My tiny poodle is constantly scratching herself, which makestrel her stinky. This didn't help with the itchiness and didn't help with the stickiness either. I am back to grocery store shampoos.

    13. I love the Lavender Shampoo

      Posted by Elizabeth Thrush on Jan 6th 2017

      This Lavender shampoo smells great. My dogs smell of lavender for several days after I bathe them.

    14. The best dog shampoo!

      Posted by Sarah Burns on Jan 5th 2017

      All of the smells of these shampoos are amazing! My dog has very itchy and sensitive skin. He was also very yeasty for awhile (German Shep) before we found out what he needed for dog food. This shampoo took care of everything. His coat is shinny, he smells fantastic and he loves bath time! He gets compliments all the time from people about how good he smells! I've got my sister buying it for her dogs. The Lavender is very natural, which I like because I don't use any artificial products in my home.

    15. Nasty Smell

      Posted by Unknown on Jan 3rd 2017

      Does not smell like Lavender - very strong bad odor. Everyone has complained and took several baths and time to get the smell out

    16. only smells time of bathing

      Posted by Unknown on Nov 20th 2016

      Was rather disappointed with this lavender shampoo I recently ordered. I guess if you use half a tube in one
      shampoo it might smell a day later. Sorry to say, but it
      is not worth the the money. I won't be ordering in the
      future. Sorry, that I could not give a better rating.

    17. Love this Shampoo!

      Posted by Pam on Oct 16th 2016

      Well first we go some shampoo called Jax and Daisy and it worked ok , but our Toostie would still smelled. Then we got some Lavender Dog O Suds ! Wow what a difference doesn't smell as much , redness is gone . And she doesn't itch as much! A much shampoo for your Dog!

    18. Too thin consistency

      Posted by Lu on Aug 31st 2016

      Comes out of the squeeze tube like wTer . The consistency is like water which causes a lot of waste.

      Thickening is needed in order to control application .

    19. FANTASTIC!

      Posted by Unknown on Jul 23rd 2016

      Lavender is my favorite fragrance in Dogsuds. It's soft and pleasant and lingers for days. Leaves Paige's coat soft and shiny and she no longer itches. I will never use another shampoo!

    20. Works fine, Bad scent, little lavendar

      Posted by Dave on Jul 22nd 2016

      The shampoo itself, as a shampoo, is decent. It easily rinses clean and lathers with a bit of effort.

      However, the smell is strong and to my household's nose unpleasant. It's tolerable, but I don't want to tolerate a scent. Not NEARLY as bad as the "essential oils" blend, but both share an underlying odor that made me think the tea tree and mint oil would be bad too (which fortunately wasn't).

      No lavender scent though. Too bad, lavender is a soothing scent.

    21. Fantastic!!!!

      Posted by Gloria Hickman on Jun 6th 2016

      Best Doggy shampoo ever. I have a Shih Tsu/Bichon mix and she has stopped scratching and chewing. Love the lingering smell for several days. My groomer is impressed with Molly's fur. She said it was so soft and shiny. We all love it!!!

    22. Excellent product

      Posted by Panks on May 20th 2016

      DogOSuds is a perfect product- a little dot bathes a lot. No flaking, no itching, smells great, and my dogs don't mind their baths now.

    23. best dog shampoo

      Posted by jenny Gin on May 2nd 2016

      We have try many specialty dog shampoo and none of them works, but Dinovite shampoo works! The shampoo got rid of my dog's stinky and ichy skin problem within 2 washes.

    24. Works great

      Posted by ntaraba on Apr 7th 2016

      Smells great, lathers up nicely, and the dog seems to enjoy it as well.

    25. Lavender Scented Dog

      Posted by Breezy Medina on Mar 10th 2016

      Bacon (the dog) stinks. He is greasy. He has skin issues. Always itching. Until very recently when I started him on a new medication, and began using some dinovite products including this soap. I knocked off one start only because this product is strange to work with if you're used to other, thicker soaps. It is very thin. A LITTLE BIT GOES A LONG WAY! I mean this very literally. It smells great, leaves his fur clean and doesn't make him itch at all. Grease be gone!

    26. What a disappointment!

      Posted by Unknown on Feb 19th 2016

      My little Yorkie/Papillon has skin problems that I hoped would be soothed by the lavender shampoo. But she got rashes on her tummy and joints from scratching so hard immediately after bath. Her coat became waxy and smelled after only two days. (There never was a long lasting pleasant scent.) And the tube had to be propped up to keep the shampoo from running all over the counter. What am I going to do with 4 tubes of this stuff?

    27. DOG O SUDS

      Posted by Unknown on Feb 3rd 2016

      Best dog shampoo on the market. Our doberman gets a bath with this shampoo once a week.

    28. Love Dogosuds!

      Posted by Tammi on Dec 31st 2015

      The Dogosuds are great. They leave my dog silky soft and she smells great too. She doesn't get itchy even if I bathe her often. This is great doggy shampoo. I love the smell of them all too.

    29. Great shampoo

      Posted by David on Dec 9th 2015

      The shampoo we had been using was very expensive and was supposed to help with severe itching. It did not. In fact it made my little Dachsund buddy worse. DogOSuds helped him and he is not near as bad as he was. That along with the Dinovite has been the answer I have been looking for.

    30. Dog o suds

      Posted by Jeanne on Sep 10th 2015

      I love using the lavender Dog o suds to wash my little white fluffy Maltese pups. This shampoo keeps them smelling fresh for days and their coats are beautiful!

    31. great stuff!

      Posted by Lisa on Aug 28th 2015

      This shampoo smells great and makes great suds. My dog's fur is soft and her skin less itchy after use.

    32. Love the Lavender Smell!

      Posted by Deb Davis on Aug 20th 2015

      After treating our little pup for fleas, having the yard treated and worrying that there were dead fleas all over him, a nice bath in this was welcomed. His fur felt wonderful and his skin looked so much healthier after his bath. I'm going to be bathing this little fella a lot more often, just as a treat for his skin. Great suds!!!

    33. Soft fur

      Posted by Larry and Jona McCollough on Aug 19th 2015

      Your dog shampoo is the bomb. It smells great and leaves our dogs hair silky soft. We have tried a lot of shampoos and this is the best. I would recommend Dogosuds to everyone and have.

    34. Wonder fix

      Posted by Larry and JonaLee McCollough on Aug 19th 2015

      Thank-you for giving us our sanity and dog back. Dinovit is a wonder product. Our dog was itching, shedding and licking his paws constantly. His shedding was making me miserable. My husband saw the commercial about all his symptoms on tv and said to order it before we go crazy because of the dog. After being on it for one week we noticed a big difference. By week two all had stopped. We would recommend it to anyone who has a dog with these symptoms. We have told all of our family and friends about it. Thank-you you again for saving our sanity and making our dog happy again.

    35. Makes baths a breeze

      Posted by Jerry on Aug 9th 2015

      Overall a good product. On the plus side it smells nice, rinses easily and our dogs' coats look nice and dry quicker. On the down side the shampoo is thin and comes out excessively causing waste if you are not careful. This is the reason for the average rating.

    36. Awesome product

      Posted by Awesome product on Jun 15th 2015

      The Lavender Dog O Suds is so great. It feels like oil in my hands but suds up quickly and lavishly but rinse clean. There was no soap residue left after the rinse. My dogs were happy and tails were wagging and no more scratching from dry skin. I definitely will buy this product again

      (uploaded from legacy system, 6/15/15)

    37. Nice mild scent.

      Posted by Nova on Jun 15th 2015

      I bought this and the Essential Oils shampoo. Both lather and rinse very well without having to use a handful of it like some shampoos for pets. The Essential one is a stronger scent than the lavender, but I love them both. I used the Essential on my male and the Lavender on my female. I think the Essential scent would work nicely on both.

      (uploaded from legacy system, 6/15/15)

    38. Dries out my dog's coat

      Posted by Carol on Jun 15th 2015

      This cleanser left my dog's long haired coat very dry and fly away. I threw it out after the first shampoo. AND... did not leave my dog smelling like lavender. Not a good purchase in my opinion.

      (uploaded from legacy system, 6/15/15)

    39. Lavender shampoo

      Posted by Loretta on Jun 15th 2015

      I have a chia poo who has allergies and lost all his hair. Since putting him on dinovite his hair is coming back in. He was still chewing and itching so I tried bathing him in the lavender shampoo and last night is the first night that he didn't scratch . While he doesn't have all his hair back his skin looks better and the odor is gone. He will never be without either of these products again. Thank you

      (uploaded from legacy system, 6/15/15)

    40. Update

      Posted by Kelly on Jun 15th 2015

      Once I posted a concern on the site, the customer service reps were very quick to offer me an alternative shampoo, the essential oils, and sent it right away. It was a very kind gesture and we used it on both dogs. The one who was sprayed least now does not have any smell at all. The other who was sprayed directly still has a slight odor, but not nearly as strong. I am sure if we were able to wash immediately after the spraying the smell would have been eliminated right away. I appreciate the prompt service and willingness to help. The shampoo really is a great product and the dogs are very soft!

      (uploaded from legacy system, 6/15/15)


      Posted by Kelly on Jun 15th 2015

      I purchased the lavender dogosuds shampoo last week to use on my skunk-sprayed dogs. The description says "works great to remove SKUNK odor". This is simply not true. We had two labs sprayed last week, so I immediately purchased the product to test it out and found it to be a complete fabrication. The scent of the shampoo was great and made their coats very shiny, but they do not smell any different. They smell as if I haven't bathed them at all! In fact we bathed them 4 times in the shampoo without any alteration in the horrible smell! DO NOT buy for skunk removal!

      Note from Dinovite: Dogosuds does work great for removing skunk odor on freshly sprayed dogs. After skunk spray sits on a dog for days, as in your case, it actually gets absorbed into the hair making it impossible to remove completely. Also, often the dog's collar is also hit with skunk spray and needs to be discarded. I have personally bathed a few skunk sprayed dogs with great results but I've always done it immediately. Its best to keep some Dogosuds on hand so you can bath them right after the incident.

      (uploaded from legacy system, 6/15/15)

    42. shampoo did not work well for me

      Posted by shampoo did not work well for me on Jun 15th 2015

      I have a 9 month old Yorkie that i love dearly, but she is a stinky dog. I ordered Lick O Chops and the lavender shampoo. After a couple of days I could already tell a difference in her odor from the LickOChops so I was very excited to try the shampoo. I was very disappointed because it left her coat so dry that I could hardly get a brush through it. It was almost like trying to brush out cotton candy! Her coat had no shine and after just a day she looked dirty and like she needs another bath. I will continue to use the supplements but will not use the shampoo again.

      (uploaded from legacy system, 6/15/15)

    43. Lavender is the favorite with Dinovite supplements to heal skin

      Posted by Donna w/ Dogs on Jun 15th 2015

      This is great shampoo! I have 4 dogs and this shampoo is gentle and makes their coats smooth and shiny. I have tried all of the dog-o-suds and I believe Lavender and Peppermint are my favorites. Our youngest dog had stinky oily skin but between using Dinovite and this shampoo (all kinds) he has not had any problems for a year! As a puppy, he had worms until he was 4 months old and we think that this may have weakened his immune system. Dinovite and watching his diet (switched to a high quality food, salmon being the primary protein) with frequent baths using Dog-o-suds is what did the trick! Thanks!

      (uploaded from legacy system, 6/15/15)

    44. This + Dinovite stopped her constant itching!

      Posted by Sharon on Jun 15th 2015

      We have tried all of the various shampoos out there, many costing much more, but this one is the one that helps the best. We do have all of the Dinovite shampoos, and we do rotate them, but when our Jack Russell is really itching and chewing her feet - this is the best one. It seems that she has an issue with her skin and yeast due in part to the various surgeries and medications she has been on. I recommend Dinovite and the Lavender shampoo. It really seems to soothe her skin and stop the itching for up to a week...which for her is a long time.
      (uploaded from legacy system, 6/15/15)

    45. gentle for frequent use

      Posted by claire on Jun 15th 2015

      We wash our shih-tzu once a week so we are always looking for a gentle shampoo. We've been using this product for a year and it does not irritate her skin. It definitely keeps her smelling nicer longer than other shampoo and it doesn't have that artificially sweet perfume kind of flowery scent. It doesn't lather up as much as other shampoo unless you put a lot but it still gets her clean. We just order our next annual supply but next time we'll try peppermint one for variety.

      (uploaded from legacy system, 6/15/15)

    46. Love this

      Posted by Lauren on Jun 15th 2015

      really great shampoo that wont dry out skin and smells fabulous!!!

      (uploaded from legacy system, 6/15/15)

    47. Love this dog shampoo

      Posted by Kristie on Jun 15th 2015

      I got this as a free sample. I love it. I accidentally put too much on the dog, you don't need very much that's for sure. He was so soft and shiny looking after his bath! Love it love it love it:-)

      (uploaded from legacy system, 6/15/15)

    48. Excellent Dog Shampoo

      Posted by Patti Weirich on Jun 15th 2015

      I love this product and my dog does too. She steps right into the shower when it's time to bathe her because the calming scent of the shampoo reminds her of a pleasant experience. I love how it makes her coat soft but it doesn't dry her out. A little goes a long way too! Thank you for this great product!

      (uploaded from legacy system, 6/15/15)

    49. Love this dog cleanser

      Posted by eac on Jun 15th 2015

      I love how easily this rinses off my dogs (I have a pitt mix and a Chihuahua). The smell is great and makes my girls smell "girly" which I like. :-)

      While this cleanser is a little pricey, I continue to buy it because I like how well it cleans and freshens and doesn't irritate their skin.

      (uploaded from legacy system, 6/15/15)

    50. a great product

      Posted by bonnie on Jun 15th 2015

      we love lavender dogosuds - it does lather well, cleans, rinses easily and leaves a pleasant and long-lasting fragrance (very subtle, not perfumey). leaves her skin clean and fur soft.

      (uploaded from legacy system, 6/15/15)

    51. Smells like a girl

      Posted by Manly dog on Jun 15th 2015

      I should've known better - lavender is a girl smell. My boxer,Duke, Now smells like a pretty poodle.

      Note from Dinovite: Yes, lavender smells like, well, lavender :) Although Duke smells "pretty" now, you can be assured that he has had a bath in organic DogOsuds, containing therapeutic grade pure lavender, which is actually really good for his skin. DogOsuds doesn't contain anything "aromatherapy grade" but contains essential oils that actually heal, soothe and promote healthy skin. So, even though Duke smells like a poodle, he has benefited from the awesome properties of DogOsuds! I'd recommend the Essential Oil blend next time, which smells a bit more manly :)

      (uploaded from legacy system, 6/15/15)

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