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Dogosuds Peppermint - Tea Tree 8 oz.

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    Product Description

    Smells Great!

    Makes your dog smell WONDERFUL for a long time! Most men love this fragrance and the Essential Oil Blend Oil Dogosuds.

    Rinses Quick

    Lathers beautifully...and RINSES EASILY!

    Gentle & Soothing

    Contains 100% pure, therapeutic grade essential oils that have natural, soothing, healing properties!
    Gentle, soothing shampoo-works well for sensitive skin.

    No Harsh Chemicals!

    Dogosuds are all natural dog shampoos that do not contain any harsh chemicals that can irritate your dog's skin and cause crazy itching!


    Dogosuds works great to remove SKUNK odor!


    Saponified coconut oil, Saponified olive oil, Saponified jojoba oil, vegetable gum/glycerine extract, aloe extract, yucca extract, peppermint extract, tea tree oil extract and rosemary extract.

    Dogosuds Peppermint - Tea Tree 8 oz.

    Smells Great!

    Makes your dog smell WONDERFUL for a long time! Most men love this fragrance and the Essential Oil Blend Oil Dogosuds.

    Rinses Quick

    Lathers beautifully...and RINSES EASILY!

    Gentle & Soothing

    Contains 100% pure, therapeutic grade essential oils that have natural, soothing, healing properties!
    Gentle, soothing shampoo-works well for sensitive skin.

    No Harsh Chemicals!

    Dogosuds are all natural dog shampoos that do not contain any harsh chemicals that can irritate your dog's skin and cause crazy itching!


    Dogosuds works great to remove SKUNK odor!


    Saponified coconut oil, Saponified olive oil, Saponified jojoba oil, vegetable gum/glycerine extract, aloe extract, yucca extract, peppermint extract, tea tree oil extract and rosemary extract.


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    1. Your dog smells so good

      Posted by Kathy Taylor on Jun 24th 2018

      I love how this shampoo makes your dog smell so good. But it does so much more than that. I love how gentle it is on my dog's skin. It doesn't strip the natural oils off of your dogs skin. It literally just cleans the dirt off your dog. I also love how easily it rinses out without leaving a residue. My dogs really are squeaky clean, Love all of the DogOSuds Shampoos.

    2. nothing comes close to being this good

      Posted by Darin Guidry on Jun 24th 2018

      My boxer Indy Girl love bath time — once a week and she smells wonderful— her coat is shiny — she never scratch’s— she’s a happy 3 year old pup — I highly recommed the Peppermint shampoo— way better than any other I have used in 30 years of owning boxers— you won’t be disappointed!!

    3. It s a great shampoo

      Posted by Rosemary Peacock on May 27th 2018

      I love the scent and my dog's baths last much longer. Usually, after a couple of days she smells like she's ready for another bath but she smelled great all week long

    4. Love this shampoo (for me and the dogs)

      Posted by Andrea A. on May 14th 2018

      I love this shampoo. Our large dog is using a specific shampoo from our vet, so we didn't end up using this for him. I do use it on myself and on our pug though. It cleans very well, rinses out easily, and doesn't seem to leave ANY residue behind. I have scalp problems related to prescribed medications, and this is clearing it up quickly! It smells like eucalyptus, a healthy outdoor scent. Meanwhile, our dog that isn't using it - has skin that's getting worse. I've used it all. I must order more to avoid guilt. Great product, should market it for people too.

    5. Great!

      Posted by Cindy A on Apr 16th 2018

      This shampoo is great! My dog has been stinky and oily despite baths. DogOSuds with Tea Tree Oil surprisingly lathers nicely. After rinsing it feels a little greasy but its fine after it dries. I won't use anything else.

    6. Love the Product, Hate the Packaging

      Posted by Janet H McClurg on Mar 22nd 2018

      The headline says it all. We have been very happy w/ how the Peppermint Tea Tree shampoo leaves our Golden less itchy. BTW, we tried all 3 scented varieties, but this one really does the trick. However, I took 1 star off for the packaging, which makes it difficult to use. Any chance of putting this stuff in normal bottles that will stand up on their own, rinse out easily to get the last drop & could be recycled afterward?

    7. No more itchy spots!

      Posted by Mary Ann on Mar 6th 2018

      My dog suffers from itchy, dry skin which seems to be much worse after grooming, despite my groomer's best efforts to use gentle, non-allergenic products. I use the other Dinovite Powder, and on a whim, I purchased the Tea Tree/Peppermint shampoo. Definite improvement. No itchy spots after grooming, and my groomer was very pleased with the ingredients (she's very particular about what is in products and prefers natural). The groomer, the owner and the dog -- we are all happy!

    8. Pug tested, Pug dog momma approved

      Posted by jbrown on Jan 1st 2018

      If You don’t know exactly how bad a Pug can smell, you can’t even imagine it. I was washing our Pug with every brand I could find at WalMart and nothing would last for more then 48 hours. And, several of those brands caused severe skin reactions. The Dogosuds Peppermint Tea Tree shampoo was so different. Not only did it not cause a skin reaction but he actually smelled clean and soft coated for almost a full week after bathing. I am very happy with the results this shampoo is giving us.

    9. The Best Shampoo Ever

      Posted by Anita Farrand on Dec 28th 2017

      I love this shampoo!!! My dogs look so shiny and feel like silk. Keep up the good work.

    10. the best dog shampoo ever!!

      Posted by Kathie Miller on Dec 28th 2017

      It not only smells great,my little dog doesn’t scratch or shed and his coat is noticeably softer! I love it!

    11. Dried out puppy's skin

      Posted by Renee Bourgeois on Dec 28th 2017

      This product, while smelling OK, really dried out my Norwich Terrier's puppy coat and skin.

    12. Suds abound on my hound.

      Posted by dzgnrmom on Dec 26th 2017

      Love the suds. With yucca as an ingredient it makes the water... wetter. Nice clean scent. Cuts right through that “funky dog” oder the first time.

    13. The best shampoo

      Posted by Brenda Brooks on Dec 26th 2017

      I would bath my dog in this and he wouldn't itch as much. He has alergies but the shampoo helped. I also sent it to the groomer to use on him.

    14. Good stuff!

      Posted by Emily on Dec 26th 2017

      I received this as a complimentary gift with my last order, and my husband (who I've somehow conned into being the official dog washer in the family) loved it! He said it suds up well and I can confirm my pupper smelled great after his bath. Will definitely pay for a bottle once this one runs out!

    15. great dog shampoo

      Posted by Unknown on Dec 25th 2017

      Cleans well and peppermint helps relax our dog while getting a bath

    16. Good Shampoo!!

      Posted by LeAnne on Dec 25th 2017

      Great dog shampoo, smells good, easy to rinse out of the fur.

    17. not good for my dog

      Posted by Antoinette on Dec 25th 2017

      I dont think this shampoo is not good for all dogs, but my dog has a very bad odor and only lasts a week in between baths. I have to use a medicated shampoo from the vet.

    18. Burns

      Posted by James on Dec 18th 2017

      I have personally loved a tea tree shampoo, I used one from Paul Michell and thought, how awesome that they make one for dogs. Then I tried it on little Scampy and it burns his eyes, I don't think it was the shampoo itself, although it could be, but the smell, fumes or whatever you call it, he cried and hid his face in the blankets for 2 hours afterwards, he was rubbing his face very vigorously and you could see tears in his eyes and running down his face. I also had hoped it would shine up his coat, etc, but aside from the eye burning, it was no better then any other dog shampoo ive tried on him.

    19. Good stuff

      Posted by t curtan on Dec 7th 2017

      i like this very much, it is more natural and does not wash all the oils out of the coat. nice smell too.

    20. Groomer doesn't like

      Posted by Tabitha on Dec 6th 2017

      We're not so excited about this product. While it seemed to be good for my dog's itchy skin, the effects wore off quickly and the beagle stink returned long before her next grooming session 2 weeks later. The groomer says she has to use a great deal of it to get it to lather, and she has to stop and clean out her entire tub with special cleaner afterwards due to all the oils in the shampoo. I wouldn't buy it again.

    21. Dog O Suds

      Posted by Belle Schultz on Dec 5th 2017

      I am a groomer and thought I would try this on some of my clients' dogs. It leaves a film on the dogs coats that you can feel when the coats are dry, even after much rinsing.

    22. Clean as a whistle

      Posted by Lara Glynn on Dec 4th 2017

      Love this shampoo. Wish there was a conditioner to go along with it.

    23. Not all that...

      Posted by DJ on Dec 2nd 2017

      Appreciate the complimentary bottle, but not impressed. While it smelled pretty good, the smell didn't last and had to give our dog another bath in a couple of days.

    24. My dog enjoyed a bath!

      Posted by Elizabeth Mccrary on Oct 31st 2017

      I typically do not bathe my Cairn Terrier with product, only water. This was a complimentary bottle, so I decided to try this week end. As soon as I lathered him up, he got this contented look on his face. I am happy with the results, no dry skin, shiny coat.

    25. love the smell and how great it works on my dogs

      Posted by deb Haynes on Oct 11th 2017

      Has just the right amount of sudsing rinses off well and doesn't burn the dog's eyes

    26. Great for dry skin

      Posted by Crist King on Sep 29th 2017

      16 year old border collie with dry patches and this helps her a lot. Smells pretty good too!

    27. Not Acceptable

      Posted by C Thomas on Sep 4th 2017

      The shampoo caused our dogs hair to mat up and become extremely difficult to comb. After the second attempt, with the same results, we stopped using the product. His coat also became very dull and frizzy after the second washing.

    28. smells so good!!!

      Posted by Dana on Aug 31st 2017

      very pleased with this product. my puppy smells so good.

    29. Great product!

      Posted by Unknown on Aug 31st 2017

      This shampoo is awesome. It soothed my dogs skin and it killed fleas almost instantly. Will most definitely be purchasing more.

    30. Great product

      Posted by Unknown on Aug 31st 2017

      This came complimentary with our order of Dinovite. It left our dogs feeling and smelling clean.

    31. So soft

      Posted by Leroy Simonson on Aug 25th 2017

      Used it on all my dogs after the dry it smells so good fur so soft love it

    32. smell bad

      Posted by gerri minen on Aug 24th 2017

      I have already written one letter to customer service and did not receive a reply. My complaint with this product was the smell. After using it my dog smelled like sour milk. I thought it may be just me. Then other people I had him around said he smelled bad as well. I don't know maybe it's given free with your order to just get rid of it. I like the Dinovite and it seems to help but that shampoo is just bad.

    33. Excellent shampoo

      Posted by Unknown on Aug 22nd 2017

      Smells good & really helps my Rottie with itchy skin. If you're looking for something besides oatmeal this is it!

    34. Rip off

      Posted by Unknown on Aug 22nd 2017

      This stuff is nothing but another person selling crap online and it's all in the advertising . U can get all of this anywhere that u live. Like I said another person trying to get rich quick on the internet

      Note from Dinovite: I'm truly sorry you feel that way but your statement is not true.

    35. Love product

      Posted by Cubagirl on Aug 21st 2017

      Love the smell and had to use when Barky rolled in cow manure on our Colorado trip. The "Texas Cow dog" . was clean , smelling great and in time out for a while.

    36. Bath day

      Posted by AJ on Aug 20th 2017

      I prefer the essential oils shampoo that smells like sandalwood. The peppermint tree oil shampoo actually dries my dogs coat out. I love the other one. I will always wash my dogs with it.

    37. Great Smell

      Posted by Unknown on Aug 20th 2017

      Love the smell of this shampoo but not enough suds. Still like though.

    38. Sweet shampoo

      Posted by Patrice on Aug 15th 2017

      I have 2 dogs & bathed my larger one in a different shampoo. Too thick & was a pain to rinse out. Used Dog O Suds on my little dog. It lathered up very nicely & rinsed out easily. It is very thin so I would prob put some in a different kind of squeeze bottle but really loved it. The smell was amazing. 5 days later & my little dog still smells minty. Will be rebathing my big dog this weekend!

    39. Don't Like

      Posted by Unknown on Aug 13th 2017

      I appreciate receiving a free sample of this shampoo to try but it leaves my dog's coat feeling like it's still not clean. It also does not help any with her itching. And it is so runny that it is hard to squeeze out just a little, so I end up using more than necessary.

    40. Yum

      Posted by Allison Ann Mosley on Aug 13th 2017

      Best scent ever

    41. She smells good

      Posted by Dennis Newhouse on Aug 9th 2017

      I got this free with another product, and recently used it when she got a little "gamey." Afterwards her odor had disappeared and her coat was definitely softer.

    42. Dogsuds peppermint tea tree

      Posted by Amy on Aug 9th 2017

      This dog shampoo is wonderful! It suds up nicely and rinses easily out of my dogs fur. Also, the animals smell great after their bath!

    43. Great Shampoo

      Posted by Marguerite Mattingly on Aug 9th 2017

      This shampoo lives up to its name! The suds envelope my Westie and smell wonderful. Price is right, too.

    44. Smells great

      Posted by Linda E Cox on Aug 8th 2017

      Love the shampoo, Smells great and my dog is nice and clean

    45. excellent dog shampoo

      Posted by richard grannis on Aug 7th 2017

      all four dogs have a slinky soft coat, I am trying the other flavors

    46. I would Use it Myself

      Posted by Misty Simco on Aug 6th 2017

      This Peppermint Tree Oil smells so good on coming out of the bottle and onto my dog that I have often thought about using it myself.

    47. got the stink out

      Posted by Unknown on Aug 3rd 2017

      Been construction on new dam. Workers go there and they do their business and my dogs will be dogs and roll. Disgusting smell. Works really well.

    48. Smells Great

      Posted by Pamela Klepec on Aug 2nd 2017

      I have used this on both our dogs
      who tend to have itchy skin. I let it soak into them for a few minutes before rinsing off. They seem to enjoy their baths and they smell great.

    49. So fresh and clean

      Posted by Angel on Aug 1st 2017

      I love using this shampoo for my two dogs. They both come out smelling very fresh and clean. As well, as no residue left behind making them itch. Will continue to order more in the near future.

    50. Super Easy to Use

      Posted by Kenny on Aug 1st 2017

      When you have dogs, they are going to have to be bathed (if you care about your dogs, that is) and it is probably one of the things they are not real happy to do! With Dog-0_Suds it makes the chore much easier. Wet your dogs coat, rub this in and get suds, then like magic when you rinse, presto chango they are gone. No more squeeging the suds off, over and over. The smell is great too!

      Great product! Thanks for the free sample!

    51. My new shampoo

      Posted by Jeff kita on Jul 31st 2017

      We take our dogs to a shop where we can wash and leave a hairy mess, they provide the shampoo. When I received the bonus samples, initially I was disappointed, but I've been using it every day for months now and love it! What a great bonus!

    52. good shampoo

      Posted by Unknown on Jul 31st 2017

      this shampoo was ok, when we used it w/ a natural conditioner from the pet store, it worked a lot better.

    53. fresh and clean

      Posted by BJE on Jul 31st 2017

      I usually use an eucalyptus human shampoo during the summer, but this dog shampoo worked nicely. Lathered well and cleaned the oils from their hair. Will buy again.

    54. Smell

      Posted by Unknown on Jul 31st 2017

      I don't like the smell so will it use again

    55. Our dog is so soft & shiny.

      Posted by Rick Halverson on Jul 30th 2017

      We have used the wash on all 3 of our dogs & they are all so soft & shiny. No scratching or dry skin even in these summer months. Great product.

    56. Best shampoo

      Posted by Happy Customer on Jul 5th 2017

      Our dog has severe allergies. This has been the best soap we have found.

    57. Good product

      Posted by Deb paull on Jul 4th 2017

      I have sheltie with sensitive skin and this product seems to work well with no issues. I know teatree is good for skin but not sure how much is actual in the product but seems to work well on his coat.

    58. helped calm red skin

      Posted by Yvonne on Apr 25th 2017

      she has been itching less and her red skin has calmed down.

    59. Nice Suds

      Posted by Leah on Apr 19th 2017

      This shampoo suds up very nicely. A little goes a long way. It cuts thru oil like a champ and leaves the coat super clean. The fragrance is minty but not overly so.

    60. Great Stuff

      Posted by Christi Nelson on Mar 20th 2017

      This shampoo is awesome​.

    61. Amazing and smells so good

      Posted by Cindy on Mar 16th 2017

      I love the shampoo. I had moved and run out of it and used other shampoos which were awful!! Then I remembered Dinovite and promptly ordered! Thank you

    62. Incredible

      Posted by victoria wilder on Mar 15th 2017

      We just love this shampoo. Not only did it smell great, but apparently felt great on our dog because he was incredibly happy after he got bathed with this shampoo.

    63. Awesome!

      Posted by Unknown on Mar 10th 2017

      I have tried oatmeal shampoos and others. This stuff is the best yet. I even gave some to my neighbor for her dog that was itchy. It really soothes my dogs skin without drying.

    64. Shampoo

      Posted by Unknown on Mar 9th 2017

      I love how clean and soft this makes my dog

    65. Shampoo

      Posted by Unknown on Mar 8th 2017

      Shampoo has a strong smell and left my dogs hair....not soft at all. Do not like it.

    66. Great shampoo!

      Posted by Unknown on Mar 8th 2017

      I like the results of using this shampoo on my 19 year old, Kekoa. It has made his coat softer and seems his skin isn't as itchy as it usually is. I'll keep using it and hopefully it'll also help him with his itchy paws. Like the smell too!

    67. Spray bottle

      Posted by Unknown on Mar 7th 2017

      I have a sweet little fellow that doesn't like bath time. Since most of the shampoo is natural oils, I find I use too much. Especially when I am trying to put the shampoo on the dog and keep him from squirming away. I now divided a plan. I bought an empty spray bottle fill it up with the amount if water I want to use. Then, I add the shampoo and swish it around. I spray 'Vinny' my dog, with it and it is easily dispersed. I love, use and recommend all of your products to my friends and my Vet. He checked your website and was impressed. I rescued him, or he rescued , I should say. Long story short. He is now a very healthy, happy, and clean poochy. Love you all. - Francine

    68. Awesome product

      Posted by Michele Lawton on Mar 6th 2017

      My dog smelled terrific for days after his bath!! Also rinsed very well!!!

    69. fanfrickintastickel

      Posted by ken f on Mar 6th 2017

      all the itching biting has stopped, THANK YOU

    70. Not that impressed

      Posted by Catherine Hunter on Mar 3rd 2017

      My 13 year old dog has been on Dinovite and Lickchops for 75 days and is still itching and shedding (though not as much). Tried the shampoo - didn't seem to help much. I will keep trying it but so far not too impressed.

    71. Little goes a long way!

      Posted by Donna Shoemaker on Mar 2nd 2017

      I have a Cane Corso Mastiff and he's a big guy to shampoo. I was pleasantly surprised that I didn't have to use an extreme amount ( with other shampoo's I used in the past ) and he now will stand still in the tub. The smell is wonderful and it suds up great so you know your dog is getting clean. He still doesn't like bath time but, he's definitely more manageable and seems to enjoy it once he's in there. Love this product!! Will continue to order.

    72. Smells GREAT and lathers up very nicely!

      Posted by Unknown on Feb 20th 2017

      Be careful, this product lathers up nicely. Use just a little as you go,
      I bought the peppermint/tea tree oil and it smells great!

    73. Smells good

      Posted by Colette Martin on Feb 4th 2017

      Have only used this product one time so far. Our dog is a house dog and we take him to a groomer every 6-8 weeks. Smell was nice. He is not scratching as much.

    74. Best dog shampoo!

      Posted by Sarah Burns on Jan 5th 2017

      All of the smells of these shampoos are amazing! My dog has very itchy and sensitive skin. He was also very yeasty for awhile (German Shep) before we found out what he needed for dog food. This shampoo took care of everything. His coat is shinny, he smells fantastic and he loves bath time! He gets compliments all the time from people about how good he smells! I've got my sister buying it for her dogs. I love this scent, it's so fresh and clean. I can tell his skin feels better after bath time!

    75. Lathered and risnsed well

      Posted by Elise Huddleston on Jan 2nd 2017

      I liked this shampoo. It lathered and rinsed well. Only down fall is the shampoo coming pouring out and I waisted some as it went down the drain. My Vizsla's coat is soft, still itching but will keep working on it and using the dinovite

    76. Wonderful

      Posted by DJ on Dec 15th 2016

      Absolutely wonderful

    77. Dogosuds tea tree essential oil shampoo

      Posted by Unknown on Nov 25th 2016

      Love it! It makes my Scottish Terrier so much more comfortable during peak allergy season. Helps her skin in the winter also. I have used this on her for a year now.

    78. The Best

      Posted by DJ on Nov 10th 2016

      My dog was having skin issues from shampoo used by groomers. Started to bring my own, this product, to be used. My dogs skin is absolutely perfect since using this shampoo.

    79. Great for sensitive skins

      Posted by Unknown on Aug 31st 2016

      our Pom has some skin allergies........so I decided to try this and we are so glad we did!! It smells great and no more scratching! good price, too.
      I had been using my WEN on him and it was good, but so expensive. This solves the problem.

    80. Dog shampoo

      Posted by Unknown on Aug 25th 2016

      Highly recommend this product!!! I was skeptical until I actually tried it. Amazing!!!

    81. Awesome Product

      Posted by Liz on Aug 15th 2016

      I have 3 Labrador Retrievers that swim regularly and their collars and bedding get smelly. I use Dog O Suds to not only bathe them but also as a laundry detergent to wash their colors and bedding. It works great!!!!!

    82. Smells wonderful

      Posted by Unknown on Aug 8th 2016

      Love the way it makes her coat feel. This shampoo left her coat shiny and I noticed she does not scratch as much as before.

    83. Love Dog O Suds!

      Posted by Unknown on Jul 23rd 2016

      I used this one twice, then went back to Essential Oil and Lavender. I don't think it took care of the doggy smell as well as the others..... Dog O Suds is the only shampoo I've found that cures doggy smell and itchy skin for my German Shorthair! Everyone who sees her comments how beautiful and shiny she is....

    84. Best of the Dog-o-suds

      Posted by Dave on Jul 22nd 2016

      Rinses well, lathers decently with a bit of effort, cleans the dog well, pleasant scent. I would definitely recommend trying it.

      This stuff I can use. Doesn't share the overpowering unpleasant scent that I find in the lavender and essential oils blends. Doesn't bother my allergies. The lavender stunk but didn't bother my allergies. The essential oils was far worse AND bothered my allergies for days.

      Bottle design isn't optimal. You have to set it down while lathering the dog, and it leaks into the cap and onto the surface it's on if you leave it open to get more easily.

    85. To much for my collie

      Posted by Kim Hudak on Jul 17th 2016

      I was hesitant to try this shampoo after reading that tea tree oil is not always tolerated by dogs. I called to find out the percentage of ingredients to be sure it wasn't too strong, but was told they could not give me that information, and it's not on the label. I was told by the person, that it's fine and she uses it on her face every day. After much thought I gave it a try. Unfortunately my collie couldn't get away from me fast enough after having it on him for only a few seconds. I think i was probably the peppermint, but what ever it was irritated his skin to the point where he wanted it off. I rinsed it off immediately and went back to bathing with his medicated shampoo recommended by our Vet. I would seriously consider testing on a small area before using this on your dog or use what your Vet recommends.

    86. Worse than before

      Posted by Kimberly White on Jul 15th 2016

      I was so pleased when I was washing my English Bulldog with the smell of this product. She was sprayed in January, 2016 by a skunk & the odor hasn't completely gone away until I used this shampoo but after she dried the odor has returned. The odor is now much stronger than it has been in months! So disappointed!

    87. Unsure

      Posted by Unknown on Jul 1st 2016

      I have used this three times on our dog with dry skin, and have not seen an improvement in her itching, licking and chewing. I have also added olive oil to her dry food and added an oatmeal cream rinse after shampooing....Not sure what to try next!

    88. great shampoo

      Posted by Lori Baker on Jun 30th 2016

      Wonderful lather, great tea tree smell.

    89. not sure about about this p[roduct

      Posted by Unknown on Jun 13th 2016

      I think the product will work better on short coat dogs. I have a Golden doodle and a cava poo, it take a lot of this shampoo to reach the same results of other products.

    90. Smell & Skin Remedy!

      Posted by Sheri Lynn on Jun 5th 2016

      I am the type of person that cleans my dog with human shampoo or soap to save money -- well... my lap / pit mix has horrible skin and allergy issues. This is the only shampoo I have found that keeps the smell away and heals her from chewing all of the hair off her butt! Poor girl :(

    91. Best cleaning product ever

      Posted by Richard on Jun 2nd 2016

      We love all the Dinovite shampoos for the fine job they do and they they are safe.

    92. Skin Soothing Relief

      Posted by Jean M Jorgensen on May 29th 2016

      Doodle is a white dog with very sensitive skin. She struggles year long with itchy spots. A bath with dog o suds keeps her happy for nearly a whole week and smelling great too!

    93. Got rid of the spots on my dog's ears!

      Posted by Tracey Jones on May 19th 2016

      My sheltie/corgie mix has struggled with spots on the tips of his ears for years. We've tried all kind of ointments and meds and it still returns. This shampoo immediately cleared it up and it is finally gone! I use it once a week to keep the skin healthy. Can't recommend it enough!!

    94. Like this Tea Tree Shampoo

      Posted by Sharon Brim on Apr 25th 2016

      Have bathed my great Dane once in this tea tree shampoo. Will give it more time, but I think her coat looks good.

    95. shampoo

      Posted by sheryl on Apr 24th 2016

      This smells GREAT! Rinses easily too

    96. Dog O Suds

      Posted by Rose DuSeigneur on Apr 23rd 2016

      My dog is severely allergic to pollens all year round here in the south and suffers with perpetual skin trouble as a result. Consequently, I am required to bathe him frequently (to remove pollens & reduce itching). The shampoos with harsh chemicals recommended by vets did not seem to alleviate itching symptoms. My dog has not been using Dog O Suds for long, but I already notice a difference. He spends less time focused on scratching and more time playing; he appears less stressed or obsessed with itchy skin. I've decided to just stay with Dog O Suds.

    97. Best shampoo

      Posted by Unknown on Apr 21st 2016

      Our little girl was itching so bad, and 1 bath it stopped and when I rinsed her it's like dead skin came off when rinsed. The black discoloration has lightened up and in some places almost gone. You can she her pink belly.


      Posted by Lisa Cramer on Mar 10th 2016

      It's a miracle! I kennel my dog at night and usually when I take him out in the morning the Frito smell would about knock me over. After the first wash it was completely GONE!! Have washed him 2 more times and he just smells better every time and his coat is incredibly soft!! Need to make a people version of this shampoo asap or I'll be tempted to use the dog's!! Thanks Dinovite!!! It's a GREAT product!! :)

    99. Great but

      Posted by Unknown on Feb 8th 2016

      I love the smell of this shampoo. Not overpowering and it leaves my dog's coats very soft.

    100. Love the smell of my pet

      Posted by Unknown on Feb 6th 2016

      Smelled better than the other guy's stuff, but my pooch was still flaking after a few days. Killed the fleas.

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