Dinovite FAQ's

These are some questions that have been frequently asked by our customers. We have done our best to display the questions and answers so they can help everyone. If you don't find the answers you are looking for about our dog supplement here, please contact us. We will be happy to talk with you and answer any questions you may have!

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Dinovite Liquid Help Tips:
DinOvite®Liquid is a nutritional supplement in an easy to feed form. Simply squeeze out approx. 1-2 teaspoons per cup of dog food right on top of your pet's food. You can mix it or let him eat it directly off the top.

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Starting off:
Use just one teaspoon of DinOvite®Liquid per cup of dog food for the first week then up the amount to 2 teaspoons per cup of food. When the symptoms you are trying to resolve are under control, you can back off to 1 teaspoon per cup of food again. 

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Finicky Dogs:
Dogs are creatures of smell habit so sometimes adding things to their food can cause them to reject the food until they are used to the smell. This is normal and not a problem as there are a couple of ways around it. First, try putting a small amount, just a pea sized amount, into the bottom of the food bowl and then put your dog's food on top. Allow him to eat down to it daily for a couple of weeks. This will help acclimate him to the new smell in his food. OR simply feed DinOvite®Liquid to your dog on a spoon! Most dogs will lick the product right off a spoon as it contains liver, chicken and fish, which most dogs love.

For added benefit: For tough cases, try adding a bit of LickOChops™ Omega Fatty Acid supplement, along with DinOvite®Liquid, to your dog's diet!

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Dinovite Powdered Supplements Help Tips:
Dinovite powdered supplements (Dinovite Canine, Dinovite Feline, CarnOyum) are used at 1 tablespoon scoop per 10 lb. of dog weight. For example, a 40 lb. dog would get 4 scoops of Dinovite powder per day. A 10 lb. cat would get 1 scoop of Dinovite Feline per day. 

This does not have to be fed at one feeding but can be split into several smaller amounts throughout the day. If your pet needs 4 scoops per day, add a scoop to his food in the a.m. and one in the p.m. In between, you can simply mix the powder with LickOChops™, SuprOmega (our essential fatty acid liquid supplements) and make a paste and feed it off a spoon. Or, you can mix the powder with a bit of plain yogurt and feed mid day. Be creative...don't overwhelm your pet's food with the powder. 

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Finicky Dogs/Cats:
Dogs and cats are creatures of smell habit so sometimes adding things to their food can cause them to reject the food until they are used to the smell. This is normal and not a problem as there are a couple of ways around it. First, try putting a small amount, just a sprinkle, into the bottom of the food bowl and then put your pet's food on top. Allow him to eat down to it daily for a couple of weeks. This will help acclimate him to the new smell in his food. Eventually, the supplement will be part of his regular feeding regime.

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What's the difference between DinOvite®Liquid and Dinovite Canine Powder? 
All Dinovite supplements are made from top quality nutrient rich ingredients and provide a healthy addition to your pet's diet. There are some difference to consider when making your initial choice.

Dinovite Canine powdered supplement is our flagship original product. There was a time that this was the only product we made! It's a terrific product full of vitamins, minerals, probiotics, digestive enzymes and other delicate nutrients your dog needs but probably is not getting in his heat processed dog food. Dinovite Canine powder works great, especially when combined with LickOChops™ Essential Fatty Acid supplement or SuprOmega Essential Fatty Acid supplement. This powdered supplement is added to your slightly dampened dry food or mixed in with canned dog food at 1 tablespoon scoop per 10 lbs. of dog weight. So, for small and medium dogs, this would range from about 1/2 scoop up to 5 or 6 scoops per day. 

If you have a medium or large dog...or an enormous dog...feeding him a powdered supplement may not be the easiest. A large dog (70-80 lbs.) would need 7-8 tablespoon scoops of Dinovite Canine powder per day. The sheer amount of supplement may overwhelm him...and you!

After many years of making, using and selling only Dinovite Canine, we developed a more concentrated, less messy alternative to Dinovite Canine powder. This was in response to the large amount of supplement fed to larger dogs, the owner who wanted an easier to feed method of supplementing his pet and the highly finicky dog who simply didn't care for the powdered supplement. 

DinOvite®Liquid is highly concentrated, highly palattfed based on the amount of food your dog eats. It is fed at 1 to 2 teaspoons per cup of dog food. So, that same large dog (who may eat 2-3 cups of dog food per day) would require only 2-6 teaspoons of Dinovite Liquid per day. 

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LickOchops What is it and why does my pet need it?
LickOChops™ is the correct ratio of Omega 6 to Omega 3 PLUS Natural Source Vitamin E in an easy to feed, yummy to dogs and cats formula. A small amount...just a teaspoon or two...drizzled over your pet's food will make a healthy difference in your pet's skin and coat!

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SuprOmega Fish Oil and SuprOmega®Salmon Oil Help Tips:
We use only the purest, cold pressed fish oils in our SuprOmega supplements. Highly recognized as an important supplement for people, fish oil is equally as valuable for your pet! Omega fatty acids are "essential" fatty acids, which means that they are needed by your pet but not produced by his body. So, you must provide these nutrients to assure healthy coat and skin. 

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Are your products medications?
No, our products are all-natural supplements that add required nutrients to your pet's diet, things that he can't get through a heat processed food. Our supplements contain vitamins, minerals, digestive enzymes, beneficial bacteria, Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids and other ingredients that are essential to good health in cats and dogs.

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When will I see results?
The simple answer is 90 days. But, of course, each situation is different. Some people see results sooner. Some dogs take a bit longer.

NOTE: Shedding takes a full 90 days to turn around, as Dinovite supplements cannot do anything about your pet's current coat. The new coat that grows in will be tighter and healthier but this takes 90 days.

Nutritional deficiencies can take time to overcome. Much depends on your dog's health history and diet. A dog who has been on steroids, antibiotics, other medications or harsh treatments and possibly for years is going to take time...up to 90 days or sometimes a bit longer, to get the great results you are looking for. Or, if a dog is currently or has been on a grain based or poor quality food, this can hinder results as well.

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We recommend feeding the best, highest quality, meatiest dog food available in your price range. 
Skip the corn based foods or the cheapest per pound discount foods. Feeding your dog these types of food as the foundation to their diet is a bad choice. Dinovite supplements build on the foundation you are providing through your pet's food. So, feed a meaty diet. Add Dinovite supplements. Eliminate grain based treats. Add NubOnubs 100% beef treats. Eliminate chemical based shampoos with artificial ingredients and fragrances. Add DogOsuds Organic shampoos.

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Will your products get rid of bad "doggy" odors? If so, how long will it take?
Yes, our products will help get rid of your dog’s odor. Doggy odor (stinky skin) is usually caused by yeast infections, bacterial infections or both together. A dog’s good health all starts with a healthy digestive system. Our supplements actually contain beneficial bacteria that help create an environment in your dog's system that kills off the "bad bacteria". These beneficial bacteria work our other natural ingredients to help your dog’s digestive system become healthy. This process can be rapid or very gradual, either way, it will have your stinky dog smelling much better very soon! 

In the meantime, try our DogOsuds® Essential Oil Blend or DogOsuds® Peppermint/Tea Tree shampoo. Both will kill the yeast and bacteria on the outside while the supplement helps fight it on the inside.

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Will your products help my pet's allergies?
Many "allergies" are symptoms of a weak immune system, which is due to a lack of specific and required nutrients in a pet's diet. Our supplements fill in these gaps, giving your pet the nutrients that are lacking in his diet, strengthening his immune system. Bottom line, your pet has what he needs to be symptom free!

Many dogs have been treated medically with steroids, antibiotics, medicated shampoos, etc. for nutritional deficiencies. Nutritional deficiencies must be treated using nutrition. If your dog's issues persist although he's had round after round of medical treatment, he may be suffering from a nutritional deficiency symptom.

We have thousands of customers who use our products for their pets specifically for this with excellent results!

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How long does it take to see a difference in my dog's digestive issues?
The beneficial bacteria and digestive enzymes in our supplements work fairly quickly to help digestive issues. Within the first month, you should see improvements! Dinovite supplements may cause digestive issues if fed with a corn based or heavily grain based diet. Normally, these grains pass through your dog undigested but Dinovite supplements are designed to aid in the digestive process, so now these grains are being digested in your dog's digestive tract. This can cause stomach upset or loose stool.

We recommend feeding a quality, meaty diet/food, as this is the best choice for a dog or cat.

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Can I use your supplements for my pregnant or nursing dog? Can I use your products for puppies?
Yes, our supplements are safe and healthy for pregnant and nursing dogs and for puppies. Remember, our supplements are not medications but nutritional supplements. It is great for your dog’s overall health. In the past, we raised and trained dogs and their health is and has always been extremely important to us! We have been feeding this supplement to all of our dogs, including our pregnant and nursing mothers, for many years. I will tell you - they do great and they are healthy - they produce healthy milk and raise healthy puppies. And, all of our puppies received our supplements, starting with their first meal as they are being weaned.

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Do your supplements come in a pill?
Dinovite supplements come in liquids and powders, not in pills. In order to put nutrients in a tablet, we would have to add too many fillers. We make supplements in which every ingredient counts!

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What is the difference between DogOsuds shampoo "scents"?
Here at Dinovite, we use the highest quality, organic saponified oils as the base for our DogOsuds shampoos. To this, we add therapeutic grade essential oils specifically chosen for their therapeutic and healing properties. We do not add "fragrances" or "aromatherapy grade" essential oils.

DogOsuds® Essential Oil Blend- soothing and healing for skin. Kills yeast and bacteria on the skin. Has an earthy aroma. DogOsuds® Peppermint/Tea Tree shampoo- cooling and healing for skin. Kills fleas naturally. Kills yeast and bacteria on skin. Minty aroma. DogOsuds®Lavender - lavender is known as one of the best essential oils overall for skin...for dogs and people! Takes away skunk odor in the first bath! Floral, lavender aroma. DogOsuds® Unscented - mainly for people who want a high quality, organic oil based shampoo without anything added.


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NomOflea&reg Information and Tips:
NomOflea&reg is an organic flea repellent for dogs that contains therapeutic grade essential oils known for their insect and flea repellent properties. It contains no harsh chemicals or pesticides. NomOflea DOES NOT work like a pesticide based spot on treatment. It will NOT kill fleas. NomOflea works more like an insect or mosquito repellent. Apply NomOflea as often as needed when your pet will be exposed to fleas, ticks or mosquitos. Apply before going to the dog park or doggie daycare. Apply before taking him to Aunt Sue's where the fleas have taken over! Re-apply after your dog has been swimming.

Apply to the nape of the neck, around the ears, tail and arm pits when your dog will be exposed to fleas. Put a drop or two in each of these areas, as close to the skin as possible and rub in. Rub into ears and on bare skin areas. It doesn't take much. This can be applied twice a week, weekly, twice a month or monthly. Because NomOflea is not a pesticide, it won't hurt to reapply. Some of the employees here at Dinovite use this on their skin to repel mosquitos and ticks while camping!

If your dog is infested with fleas, bathe him in DogOsuds® Essential Oil Blend first (leaving it on his skin for about 3-5 minutes before rinsing) to kill existing fleas. Then apply NomOflea to make him unattractive to fleas.

NomOflea&reg can be used in conjunction with products like Program.

NomOflea&reg should not be used on cats, as cats can have adverse reactions to essential oils!

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Can I use your supplements with a raw or homemade diet?
Absolutely! In fact, many of our customers and employees feed raw plus Dinovite supplements. To determine how much powdered supplement, you would go by the weight of your dog (1 tablespoon scoop per 10 lb. of dog weight). To determine how much Dinovite Liquid, you would approximate how much dog food your dog would eat and feed 1 to 2 teaspoons per cup of dog food. A 7 lb. dog would get about 1 teaspoon of Dinovite Liquid per day. A 40 lb. dog would get about 2-4 teaspoons of Dinovite Liquid per day. 

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What dog food do you recommend?
We recommend feeding the highest quality, meaty dog food within your budget. Check to make sure the first ingredient is meat and then look down the list for another meat or two, hopefully listed close to the top. The ingredients are listed in order of their weight when put into the dog food recipe.

So, a poor choice would look like this: Ground whole corn, corn meal, soybean meal, chicken by-product meal, wheat middlings.....

A better choice would look like this: Chicken meal, ground brown rice, salmon, chicken by-product meal....

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Why is shipping so much? Why don't you offer free shipping?
Unfortunately, we are a pet products company not a shipping company. We do not control shipping costs. We do pass along our UPS volume discounts to our customers so you are not paying full published UPS shipping rates. You can go to and enter your zip code and ours (41030) to see full shipping price.

We choose to use UPS shipping because their system integrates with ours, which means we don't have to hire an employee to enter all orders/addresses into the UPS system. They track our packages and insure them. You can see your package from the time it leaves here to the time it shows up at your door. And, if for some reason, it gets lost, damaged or delivered incorrectly, UPS will not charge you or us additionally to redeliver the package. And, they will refund us the product price so that we don't have to inflate our pricing to cover loss.

Unfortunately, we have not found another shipper with the same capabilities or willingness to work with us in this way.

We are working hard to try to control shipping costs on our end. We hope to be able to offer alternatives in the future.

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The cost to ship a 1 lb. package or a 4 lb. package from here to your door is about the same. So, we encourage you to order a 90 day supply (or longer) of our products so you are having them shipped only 4 times a year instead of 12 times a year. We have priced our products so that the more you order, the less they cost. And, we offer a 90 day money back guarantee on your first purchase so you can order a substantial amount of product with little risk to your wallet if it doesn't perform. You have a full 180 days to return the containers, full or empty, for a refund of your purchase price! (See our guarantee for details.)

If you need help figuring out how much product to order, simply contact us. We help customers make good decisions daily!

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How can I place an order?
Orders can be placed online using a credit card or paypal. Orders can be placed by phone using a credit card. Orders can be placed by mail using a check. To place an order by phone, simply call 859-428-1000 Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. EST.

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Why create an account online at Dinovite? 
Creating an account in our system assures that YOU can track your order simply by logging in and clicking on your tracking information. It also assures that every order you place with us can be seen in your order history. And, you can place another duplicate order simply by "reordering" a past order without having to re-enter product information. You also can move through the check out easily because all of your shipping information is stored.

WE DO NOT STORE CREDIT CARD NUMBERS so you will have to re-enter this information each time you place an order.

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Why do I need to provide my email address or phone number?
Here at Dinovite we make natural and organic pet products. And, we're good at it. We are not in the business of selling marketing lists. NEVER will we sell your information, your email address, your phone number.

However, as we are an internet based company, we normally stay in contact with our customers via email. Your order confirmation will come via email, as will any product announcements, promos, newsletters, etc.

In all emails you receive (other than your order confirmation), you will have the opportunity to opt out or unsubscribe. We certainly do not want to send you emails you do not want to receive.

Your phone number is used only when we need to contact you regarding your order, shipping, etc.

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Why can't I find my order in my account?
Every order you place using your log in information is stored in your account. However, if you place an order as a guest, this is not tied to your account and will not show up in your account. Orders placed prior to you setting up an online account will not show up in your account.

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Can I return my purchase?
Here at Dinovite, we strive to be extremely fair about returns while striving just as hard to stay in business. We have a very generous return policy that applies to your FIRST ORDER. Basically, it takes about 90 days to see external results using nutrition/our supplements. So, we encourage you to purchase a min. of 90 days worth of supplement and use it for a full 90 days. If you are not happy with the results, simply send back the unused portion or the empty container(s) within 180 days of your purchase and get full product price refunded in the same manner in which you ordered. (If you order with a credit card, we will issue a credit to that card. If you ordered with a check, we will issue your refund with a check. If you ordered via paypal, we will issue your refund through paypal.)

Our guarantee is written for people who have never tried our products but would like to try them without a huge financial risk. We understand this. Many people have spent hundreds or thousands of dollars on products, medications, treatments that have not worked and not once were they able to recoup their money. We don't want to be just another one of those companies. So, we offer a risk free trial of our products. (We don't refund shipping because we don't actually have that money. That goes to the shipper.)

Here's the thought process: If you order our products, and then re order and re order and re order, we assume that you are satisfied with the products. If, after you have bought our product for two years and you decide to find a new home for your pet, that's not covered by our guarantee.

So, order 90 days worth....give it a 90 day trial...and let us know how it goes! If you are unsure how much to order, please call us at 859-428-1000 Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. EST.

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