Fatty acid deficient diets can lead to unhealthy skin and dull coat. The fatty acids in Lickochops can help support your pet's good skin health.

Game Changer!

"I never write reviews but the change in my dog was so significant I had to. My dog Kiera has developed some unhealthy skin. I tried many things and I truly believe that Dinovite and Lick o chops have been instrumental in turning the corner for us! Kiera's bad skin had caused her to itch and develop bald spots . One bald spot on her front inner leg was at least 4 inches long and 2 inches wide. She had licked all the fur off her leg because it was so itchy. I was at a loss. The combo of her healthy food, dinovite and lickochops has helped her stop the head shaking and scratching. Kiera's coat is silky smooth and her hair has started growing back on her front leg. She has become so much happier and healthier!

Kiera's mom

Bella Scratched

Bella has dug scratched chewed on her legs, back tale, feet and anywhere else she could reach. We have spent the first two years of her life at the vets and the feed store looking for something she could eat. We finally found candida no grain dry dogfood which helped but did not remedy the problem. We have had her on evertyhing else you could think of. We thought about putting her down as she was so miserable. She wouldn't eat, or drink anymore than she absolutely had to. We ordered the dinovite and lickochops and she is doing remarkabley well. She scratches very little, the bald spots or her body are finally disapearing, and the bad smell is just about gone. She as well as we are very happy with the products. We also use the shampoo and it helps too. She has finally started acting like a dog. Thank you so much dinovite. We love you. I highly recommend these products. Bella the mini shitz tszu 2 years old"


Lono My Puggle

Lono gets Iams with the dinovite supplement with LickOchops drizzled over it. This product is like crack for him. These 2 products simply are amazing. He smells good, rarely ever scratches and is such a happy puggle. His coat is soft and shiny and the shedding exponentially subsided. My girlfriend has 3 dacshunds and the will not eat their food with the powdered supplement alone. She didn't try the LickOchops gravy. I really wish these products could hit more people with pets since they are well worth the investment. I need to order a larger quantity since I'm a truck driver and do not get home often. Advice to the skeptical. Get a tub of the powdered supplement and LickOchops. Follow the instructions weening your friend on and also be amazed of the changes.


Good Product, Good Price

The fish oil does have a "fishy" smell to it. This doesn't stop my dog from licking her bowl clean when I give her the oil. I don't have to mask the oil in something else my dog likes to eat. It seemed to help her dry skin and scratching problem. I use dinovite year round but in the midwest winters my dogs skin gets overly dry and needed something more than the supplement alone. I read up on the fish oil and purchased the product. It did take a while but her dry skin cleared up and she could lay around the house without getting up all the time to scratch herself. The supromega fish oil seems to work better than the fish oil product I purchased from my local pet store. I would recommend this product to anyone who has an animal with a dry skin and scratching problem. The price is exactly what I paid for a similar product in the pet store.