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Dinovite Reviews 

Itching and Scratching!

Nutrient deficient diets can lead to dry, flaky, itchy irritated skin and cause the skin to be unhealthy. The nutrients in Dinovite can support good skin function.

Slowly but Surely

  •  "My beagle has been battling skin problems his whole life. After using Dinovite for a little while I have seen his coat  shiny and itching less. The greatest difference I saw is when I stopped using Dinovite  because I ran out. He started itching like crazy and I ordered some more Dinovite today. We have been using this product for over a month now and are Very satisfied. Thank you Dinovite!" Claudia

It Works!

  •   "Our yorkie, Elmo, used to scratch at his eyes and sometimes even made his eyelids bleed. I heard about dinovite on the radio and got some for him. I put it on his food and he has no problems with itching at all anymore. He seems much healthier overall and is alot more playful now too. I don't know if it's all due to dinovite or not but it's a heck of a coincidence. My puppy, Oliver, eats it too and he's been the best yorkie I've had. Well, he's not really a puppy anymore - he's four and never had any problems - so I'm back to buy more."

So Far Works Great!

  •   "I was told about Dinovite from a friend, ordered and have been useing for a little over a week and my 3yr old Wheaten has just about stopped itching all together and he loves the the taste. Thank you" Don Winter Haven fl.

No more Itching! 

  •    "I have an albino Chihuahua mix who suddenly began chewing her tail and scratching herself raw. All of her undercoat fell out and her skin was bright pink. My mom gave me some Dinovite she had left over from her dog and within four days she stopped itching completely! Her undercoat is now growing back and her skin is a normal color again. Thanks a million Dinovite!" Dionne

Everything Claimed Is True

  •  "My shiht-zu puppy itched constantly. Heard the Dinovite ad on the radio. Figured all I could be out was the $40. Took about two weeks. He hasn't itched since. Love the powder since it doesn't smell. Follow the instructions to canine happiness." Ben

Wonderful product!

  •  "My dog is a mutt, dropped off at my house as a puppy. I took her in and soon noticed that she scratched ALL the time. So, I bathed her with  shampoos, anything and everything I could get my hands on! It never seemed to help her. She scratched so much that half of her tail and her lower back were raw, no hair at all. I ordered the Dinovite, and within 2 weeks, noticed she wasn't scratching as much. She now has all of her hair back and RARELY scratches. I also have had friends tell me that her coat is much shinier and she really looks and feels healthy again! She didn't like the taste that much, but, I poured chicken broth or beef cubes over the food and she lapped it up!. I love this product and am ordering more today!" Debbie

Dinovite works!

  •  "My dog Angus, itches ALL the time and gets bald spots! Shortly after we started Dinovite it all stopped! And you dont need to use as much it says you need to. Thank you Dinovite!"

Shedding Like Crazy!

Healthy dogs and cats have beautiful shiny coats. If your pet is suffering with excessive shedding it can be a sign of a nutritional deficiency. The nutrients in Dinovite can help support good skin functioning.

Love the Product

  •  "We heard about Dinovite on the radio and decided to try it. We have 5 pugs with itchy skin problems and hair shedding. After a month or so of using Dinovite the shedding drastically decreased. Get that just bathed feeling on your pet ALL the time...."

Heard Dinovite on the Radio

  •  "We heard about Dinovite on the radio and since, I the wife, can't stand dog hair in the house (we have a one year old pure bread yellow lab "Bonner" (and to cut down on my husband then having to vacuum~afterall, its 'his' dog) checked it out further online.....well, first of all when you buy this product they give you FOUR FULL-SIZE tubes (we chose Lick O Chops and boy did our Bonner love that!) when we bought the (90 day supply)....to supplement his (top quality) Life Abundance Dog Food...You know how your dog's hair feels VERY soft and fluffy after you give him/her a bath and blow dry....let me tell you our doggy's normal everyday fur went from 'regular dog hair' to oh my gosh, just absolutely SOFT fluffy full hair EVERY DAY starting within 7 to 10 days of Dinovite!!!!!! Couldn't believe it AND the BEST part ~ it REALLY does cut down BIG time on the shedding!!!!! This product is sooooo very worth it!!!!! Not as much hair as there was in the home AND that means hubby isn't vacuuming up after his doggy every day! Now 'mommy' is HAPPIER!!! and when Mama's happy, everybody's happy:) Bonner's a GOOD looking boy and we are now life time fans of Dinovite!!!! GREAT product, thank YOU Dinovite!!!!" Keith & Jeanne

Dog's Fur is Beautiful!

  •  "This product really helps keep down the shedding and my lab mix was a terrible shedder.  Her coat is really shiny and soft.  Strangers have remarked how beautiful her fur is while on our walks.  I only need to add a little water and she finishes her entire bowl of food at meal time.  The product is expensive, but a decent value for the results." Susan


Only Thing That Helped

  •  "This is the only thing that helps my 9 year old terrier Our 9 year old dog started have bad skin issues when she was a puppy. We have tried 30 or 40 different brands of dog food. Dinovite powder really works and our vet doesn't believe the change in skin condition. I have tried every thing else and this is the best." Larry G

I Had to Say Something

  • "I typically don't take the time out my day to write reviews but I needed to let everyone know that has not tried this product that they absolutely need too! My German Sheppherd suffered from bald spots and constant licking or itching all over her body. It was difficult to watch her and I felt so helpless. We had her on the most expensive bag of dog food for sensitive skin and special nutriton but she still suffered. The Dr ruled out any mites or other dieseases.  Getting through the winter almost seemed impossible. On the way into work I heard the Dinovite advertisment on the radio and decided to immediately pull the trigger on this solution. We have been using Dinovite for about 3 months now and my German Sheppherd has never been happier. Her coat is full and her bald spots have disappeared. She no longer has to worry about stopping in the middle of tug of war or fetch to bite or scratch herself anymore. Her looks and her mental state have improved so much. Her personality is great and she appears to be enjoying her life so much more. I am ordering my 2nd supply of Dinovite today. Thank you so much Dinovite for supplying us with the solution to our problem. I am amazed at the lack of proper nutrition my dog was receiving prior to trying your product. I can't believe the companies that make top dollar dog food don't know anything about nutrition, all of them should be sprinkling Dinovite on their products!"Brett

Stinky Dog!

Nutrient Deficient diets can cause your pet to have unhealthy skin. When skin is unhealthy and not supplied with the nutrients it needs to function properly it can stink. The nutrients in Dinovite can help support good skin function.

In love with Dinovite!

  •   "My dog Riley has always been almost perfect, only problem was his shedding, which didn't change with the seasons. He is 7 and has also developed some skin problem (itching and smelling bad a few days after his bimonthly bath) and we began using dinovite and now I can go 2.5 months without giving him a bath and no itching and no smelling! I had tried everything from food to shampoos and finally tried dinovite and I must say, it is the best thing to happen to him and us! I couldn't be happier! I have told every dog owner I know about this product! I am a firm believer in it! THANK YOU DINOVITE!!" Lauren, Chattanooga TN 

Fantastic Products 

  •  "We recently started using Dinovite with the fish oil supplement.  This has made a huge difference - the product does exactly what it says and more.  Our pug has completely stopped the excessive shedding and scratching, and no longer smells like "wet, stinky dog".  She looks and smells great, and her coat is now soft and shiny.  She loves the taste of her food mixed with the supplements and has about 1/3 more energy (beyond her normal pug-energy). For a dog that is almost 7 & 1/2 years old, she is as active as a puppy!  I highly recommend these products."  Bob P.


Nutrient deficient diets can lead to a compromised immune system, unhealthy skin and dull coat. The nutrients in Dinovite can help support your dog's immune system and good skin function.


Never go Without Dinovite! 

  • "I have two dogs - a 13 year old dalmatian, and a 5 year old doberman. My dalmatian she is miserable. She has been on special food since she came to me as a rescue (she was used as a breeder in a puppy farm, starved, and abused badly) at 5 years old. Even with the special food  she still itched terribly, and she smelled AWFUL - it was hard to pet her because your hands would smell gross. She would chew at her feet until they were raw and bleeding, rub her nose on the carpet until it bled, she had bumps all over her skin (they looked like mosquito bites under the fur), her skin was angry red where you could see through the fur on her belly, and she would get bald spots. I heard about Dinovite quite a while ago - maybe 5 years? - and have had her on it ever since. She still scratches, but not as badly as she did before Dinovite. She doesn't smell at all any more - not one bit. Her skin under her fur is no longer angry red and inflamed. The bumps are gone. She hasn't chewed the pads of her feet off in two years (I think this is more a nervous thing than itching, though)." 

My Dobi is doing great! 

  • "I have given Dinovite to my doberman since she was a puppy. She does not have any health problems. I've never had her off the supplement, so I can't say how much better she is with it than without. I can say that her coat is thick, soft, and shiny, she doesn't have a "doggy" smell, and she has seemingly endless energy. I won't ever have a dog without giving Dinovite. It's somewhat expensive, yes - but worth every penny. Both my dogs like the taste - they lick the bottom of their bowls after eating. Thanks for a great product!" Sarah

So Amazed... 

  •  "My husband and I have been struggling with our Pitt Bull's problems for over two years now. After all the vet visits and switching of food over and over again, we finally listened to some of our friends to try Dinovite. It literally only took a week after we noticed that he wasn't fixated on scratching his face on the ground or licking his paws uncontrollably. We are so satisfied with Dinovite that we are angry we didn't find this earlier. Thank you for making our Meiko happy again." 


Paw Licking

Nutrient deficient diets can lead to unhealthy skin. Unhealthy skin can become dry, crusty and irritated. In an effort to sooth the itching dogs will sometimes lick their paws for long periods of time. The nutrients in Dinovite can help support good skin function.

Great product,  good price!

  •  "My 102 lbs dog licked and scratched so much she keeps us up at night and started getting bald spots in her fur where she was chewing and scratching ALL THE TIME! I used Dinovite for 90 days.  It took ALL OF 90 days to stop her constant licking and scratching.It is amazing how she looks, acts, and her fur is soft not dull and dirty looking anymore.  Her fur grew back and she has stopped ALL her licking and scratching! We get a full nights sleep without interruptions! The price is a little high.  The quality is great.  Best of all its made in the U.S.A.! I have to buy large amounts because of her size and that's costly.  I recommend this product to anyone who has a dog or cat.  Try it and if your not 100% sold they give you your money back!" 


Fatty acid deficient diets can lead to unhealthy skin and dull coat. The fatty acids in Lickochops can help support your pet's  good skin health.

Game changer!

  • " I never write reviews but the change in my dog was so significant I had to.  My dog Kiera has developed some unhealthy skin. I tried many things and I truly believe that Dinovite and Lick o chops have been instrumental in turning the corner for us!  Kiera's bad skin had caused her to itch and develop bald spots .  One bald spot on her front inner leg was at least 4 inches long and 2 inches wide.  She had licked all the fur off her leg because it was so itchy.  I was at a loss.  The combo of her healthy food, dinovite and lickochops has helped her stop the head shaking and scratching.  Kiera's coat is silky smooth and her hair has started growing back on her front leg.  She has become so much happier and healthier!"  Kiera's mom

Bella Scratched

  •  "Bella has dug scratched chewed on her legs, back tale, feet and anywhere else she could reach.  We have spent the first two years of her life at the vets and the feed store looking for something she could eat.  We finally found candida no grain dry dogfood which helped but did not remedy the problem. We have had her on evertyhing else you could think of.  We thought about putting her down as she was so miserable.  She wouldn't eat, or drink anymore than she absolutely had to.  We ordered the dinovite and lickochops and she is doing remarkabley well.  She scratches very little, the bald spots or her body are finally disapearing, and the bad smell is just about gone.  She as well as we are very happy with the products.  We also use the shampoo and it helps too.  She has finally started acting like a dog.  Thank you so much dinovite.  We love you.  I highly recommend these products.   Bella the mini shitz tszu 2 years old"

Lono My Puggle

  •  "Lono gets Iams with the dinovite supplement with LickOchops drizzled over it. This product is like crack for him. These 2 products simply are amazing. He smells good, rarely ever scratches and is such a happy puggle. His coat is soft and shiny and the shedding exponentially subsided. My girlfriend has 3 dacshunds and the will not eat their food with the powdered supplement alone. She didn't try the LickOchops gravy. I really wish these products could hit more people with pets since they are well worth the investment. I need to order a larger quantity since I'm a truck driver and do not get home often. Advice to the skeptical. Get a tub of the powdered supplement and LickOchops. Follow the instructions weening your friend on and also be amazed of the changes." Jimmy

Good product, good price

  • "The fish oil does have a "fishy" smell to it.  This doesn't stop my dog from licking her bowl clean when I give her the oil.  I don't have to mask the oil in something else my dog likes to eat.  It seemed to help her dry skin and scratching problem.  I use dinovite year round but in the midwest winters my dogs skin gets overly dry and needed something more than the supplement alone.  I read up on the fish oil and purchased the product.  It did take a while but her dry skin cleared up and she could lay around the house without getting up all the time to scratch herself.  The supromega fish oil seems to work better than the fish oil product I purchased from my local pet store.  I would recommend this product to anyone who has an animal with a dry skin and scratching problem.  The price is exactly what I paid for a similar product in the pet store." 

Dogosuds Shampoo

Very Happy 

  • "My husband forwarded me a link to the Dinovite website after our border collie/ black lab mix developed a persistent musty odor.  We were also having trouble finding a food she would eat. So, I ordered this and some shampoo.  Both products are wonderful!  Thank you so much!" Kayla's Mom


  • "My husband said this is the best shampoo he has ever used to bathe the dogs.  He says a little goes a long way and lathers up quickley.  He says it rinses easily which makes for a quick bath.  We have been bathing them weekly with this shampoo.  After 2 weeks, we noticed a major change.  Both dogs smell wonderful and there is NO dog smell.  Even if they go outside for the day.  If they get wet in the rain, there is NO wet dog smell.  It is absolutely amazing.  They continue to get softer.  My puppy's hair wasn't that soft and it has just gotten softer with each bath.  Our dogs seem to be so clean and smell nice.  Their coats are extremely shiny.  They just look so healthy. I love my new shampoo just not the bath."

Bella says Hi 

  • "Hi, My name is Bella, my mom started bathing me with DogOsuds and I am doing much better.  I hate my bath but that's ok I don't itch near as much.  She started bathing my buddies with the same shampoo and I don't itch when I play with them.  My mom loves the smell cause it lasts a long time.  I don't like the smell cuz it doesn't smell like a dog should smell.  My mom says this is fantastic stuff.  I don't dig and scratch myself anymore.  I am a happy dog except on bath day which is every Monday.  Thank you much,  Dinovite."

Nub-O-Nubs Treats

5 stars

  • "I have spent a small fortune on treats for my Maltese and she won't eat any of them...until now! She LOVES these treats!"  Dani

Love them!

  •  "Beasley loves them!! --and I love the quality!! --  real food in a snack!!"  tina 

Love these treats!

  •  "My very finicky Yorkies loves these.  I received as a free sample after ordering the shampoo well the Girls usually snub treats but they could not get enough I will be ordering again......:)"  Yorkie mommy 

 Awesome Stuff

  •  "My Irish Setter suffers from Chronic Inflammatory Bowel Disease and consequently not only is he a picky eater, but we have to be very careful what we give him to eat, even for treats.  NubOnubs are the best ever - not only does he love them, but they haven't upset his stomach ever - when he's really picky about eating, I chop a few up and add to his kibble and he's better about eating.  He absolutely cannot eat chicken, so when I got a sample of NubOnubs in a box of Dinovite I ordered for my English Cockers, saw that this was all beef, I tried them on the Irish --great results.  Thanks for the sample. Will order more."   southernviolet