Itching & Scratching


 Itching & Scratching

Nutrient deficient diets can lead to dry, flaky, itchy irritated skin and cause the skin to be unhealthy. The nutrients in Dinovite can support good skin function.

Slowly But Surely

My beagle has been battling skin problems his whole life. After using Dinovite for a little while I have seen his coat shiny and itching less. The greatest difference I saw is when I stopped using Dinovite because I ran out. He started itching like crazy and I ordered some more Dinovite today. We have been using this product for over a month now and are Very satisfied. Thank you Dinovite!"


It Works

Our yorkie, Elmo, used to scratch at his eyes and sometimes even made his eyelids bleed. I heard about dinovite on the radio and got some for him. I put it on his food and he has no problems with itching at all anymore. He seems much healthier overall and is alot more playful now too. I don't know if it's all due to dinovite or not but it's a heck of a coincidence. My puppy, Oliver, eats it too and he's been the best yorkie I've had. Well, he's not really a puppy anymore - he's four and never had any problems - so I'm back to buy more

So Far Works Great!

I was told about Dinovite from a friend, ordered and have been useing for a little over a week and my 3yr old Wheaten has just about stopped itching all together and he loves the the taste. Thank you

Don Winter Haven fl.

No More Itching!

I have an albino Chihuahua mix who suddenly began chewing her tail and scratching herself raw. All of her undercoat fell out and her skin was bright pink. My mom gave me some Dinovite she had left over from her dog and within four days she stopped itching completely! Her undercoat is now growing back and her skin is a normal color again. Thanks a million Dinovite


Everything Claimed Is True

My shiht-zu puppy itched constantly. Heard the Dinovite ad on the radio. Figured all I could be out was the $40. Took about two weeks. He hasn't itched since. Love the powder since it doesn't smell. Follow the instructions to canine happiness


Wonderful Product!

My dog is a mutt, dropped off at my house as a puppy. I took her in and soon noticed that she scratched ALL the time. So, I bathed her with shampoos, anything and everything I could get my hands on! It never seemed to help her. She scratched so much that half of her tail and her lower back were raw, no hair at all. I ordered the Dinovite, and within 2 weeks, noticed she wasn't scratching as much. She now has all of her hair back and RARELY scratches. I also have had friends tell me that her coat is much shinier and she really looks and feels healthy again! She didn't like the taste that much, but, I poured chicken broth or beef cubes over the food and she lapped it up!. I love this product and am ordering more today


Dinovite Works!

My dog Angus, itches ALL the time and gets bald spots! Shortly after we started Dinovite it all stopped! And you dont need to use as much it says you need to. Thank you Dinovite