Nutrient deficient diets can lead to a compromised immune system, unhealthy skin and dull coat. The nutrients in Dinovite can help support your dog's immune system and good skin function.

Never Go Without Dinovite!

I have two dogs - a 13 year old dalmatian, and a 5 year old doberman. My dalmatian she is miserable. She has been on special food since she came to me as a rescue (she was used as a breeder in a puppy farm, starved, and abused badly) at 5 years old. Even with the special food she still itched terribly, and she smelled AWFUL - it was hard to pet her because your hands would smell gross. She would chew at her feet until they were raw and bleeding, rub her nose on the carpet until it bled, she had bumps all over her skin (they looked like mosquito bites under the fur), her skin was angry red where you could see through the fur on her belly, and she would get bald spots. I heard about Dinovite quite a while ago - maybe 5 years? - and have had her on it ever since. She still scratches, but not as badly as she did before Dinovite. She doesn't smell at all any more - not one bit. Her skin under her fur is no longer angry red and inflamed. The bumps are gone. She hasn't chewed the pads of her feet off in two years (I think this is more a nervous thing than itching, though).

My Dobi Is Doing Great!

I have given Dinovite to my doberman since she was a puppy. She does not have any health problems. I've never had her off the supplement, so I can't say how much better she is with it than without. I can say that her coat is thick, soft, and shiny, she doesn't have a "doggy" smell, and she has seemingly endless energy. I won't ever have a dog without giving Dinovite. It's somewhat expensive, yes - but worth every penny. Both my dogs like the taste - they lick the bottom of their bowls after eating. Thanks for a great product!


So Amazed...

My husband and I have been struggling with our Pitt Bull's problems for over two years now. After all the vet visits and switching of food over and over again, we finally listened to some of our friends to try Dinovite. It literally only took a week after we noticed that he wasn't fixated on scratching his face on the ground or licking his paws uncontrollably. We are so satisfied with Dinovite that we are angry we didn't find this earlier. Thank you for making our Meiko happy again.