Paw Licking

Nutrient deficient diets can lead to unhealthy skin. Unhealthy skin can become dry, crusty and irritated. In an effort to sooth the itching dogs will sometimes lick their paws for long periods of time. The nutrients in Dinovite can help support good skin function.

Great Product, Good Price!

My 102 lbs dog licked and scratched so much she keeps us up at night and started getting bald spots in her fur where she was chewing and scratching ALL THE TIME! I used Dinovite for 90 days. It took ALL OF 90 days to stop her constant licking and scratching. It is amazing how she looks, acts, and her fur is soft not dull and dirty looking anymore. Her fur grew back and she has stopped ALL her licking and scratching! We get a full nights sleep without interruptions! The price is a little high. The quality is great. Best of all its made in the U.S.A.! I have to buy large amounts because of her size and that's costly. I recommend this product to anyone who has a dog or cat. Try it and if your not 100% sold they give you your money back!