No More Odor!

My husband forwarded me a link to the Dinovite website after our border collie/ black lab mix developed a persistent musty odor. We were also having trouble finding a food she would eat. So, I ordered this and some shampoo. Both products are wonderful! Thank you so much!

Kayla's Mom


My husband said this is the best shampoo he has ever used to bathe the dogs. He says a little goes a long way and lathers up quickley. He says it rinses easily which makes for a quick bath. We have been bathing them weekly with this shampoo. After 2 weeks, we noticed a major change. Both dogs smell wonderful and there is NO dog smell. Even if they go outside for the day. If they get wet in the rain, there is NO wet dog smell. It is absolutely amazing. They continue to get softer. My puppy's hair wasn't that soft and it has just gotten softer with each bath. Our dogs seem to be so clean and smell nice. Their coats are extremely shiny. They just look so healthy. I love my new shampoo just not the bath


Bella Says Hi

Hi, My name is Bella, my mom started bathing me with DogOsuds and I am doing much better. I hate my bath but that's ok I don't itch near as much. She started bathing my buddies with the same shampoo and I don't itch when I play with them. My mom loves the smell cause it lasts a long time. I don't like the smell cuz it doesn't smell like a dog should smell. My mom says this is fantastic stuff. I don't dig and scratch myself anymore. I am a happy dog except on bath day which is every Monday. Thank you much, Dinovite.