Shedding Like Crazy

Healthy dogs and cats have beautiful shiny coats. If your pet is suffering with excessive shedding it can be a sign of a nutritional deficiency. The nutrients in Dinovite can help support good skin functioning.

Love the Product

We heard about Dinovite on the radio and decided to try it. We have 5 pugs with itchy skin problems and hair shedding. After a month or so of using Dinovite the shedding drastically decreased. Get that just bathed feeling on your pet ALL the time...."

Heard Dinovite on the Radio

We heard about Dinovite on the radio and since, I the wife, can't stand dog hair in the house (we have a one year old pure bread yellow lab "Bonner" (and to cut down on my husband then having to vacuum~afterall, its 'his' dog) checked it out further online.....well, first of all when you buy this product they give you FOUR FULL-SIZE tubes (we chose Lick O Chops and boy did our Bonner love that!) when we bought the (90 day supply) supplement his (top quality) Life Abundance Dog Food...You know how your dog's hair feels VERY soft and fluffy after you give him/her a bath and blow dry....let me tell you our doggy's normal everyday fur went from 'regular dog hair' to oh my gosh, just absolutely SOFT fluffy full hair EVERY DAY starting within 7 to 10 days of Dinovite!!!!!! Couldn't believe it AND the BEST part ~ it REALLY does cut down BIG time on the shedding!!!!! This product is sooooo very worth it!!!!! Not as much hair as there was in the home AND that means hubby isn't vacuuming up after his doggy every day! Now 'mommy' is HAPPIER!!! and when Mama's happy, everybody's happy:) Bonner's a GOOD looking boy and we are now life time fans of Dinovite!!!! GREAT product, thank YOU Dinovite!!!!"

Keith and Jeanne

Dog's Fur is Beautiful!

This product really helps keep down the shedding and my lab mix was a terrible shedder. Her coat is really shiny and soft. Strangers have remarked how beautiful her fur is while on our walks. I only need to add a little water and she finishes her entire bowl of food at meal time. The product is expensive, but a decent value for the results."