Spending Too Much


Only Thing That Helped

This is the only thing that helps my 9 year old terrier Our 9 year old dog started have bad skin issues when she was a puppy. We have tried 30 or 40 different brands of dog food. Dinovite powder really works and our vet doesn't believe the change in skin condition. I have tried every thing else and this is the best.

Larry G

I Had To Say Something

I typically don't take the time out my day to write reviews but I needed to let everyone know that has not tried this product that they absolutely need too! My German Sheppherd suffered from bald spots and constant licking or itching all over her body. It was difficult to watch her and I felt so helpless. We had her on the most expensive bag of dog food for sensitive skin and special nutriton but she still suffered. The Dr ruled out any mites or other dieseases. Getting through the winter almost seemed impossible. On the way into work I heard the Dinovite advertisment on the radio and decided to immediately pull the trigger on this solution. We have been using Dinovite for about 3 months now and my German Sheppherd has never been happier. Her coat is full and her bald spots have disappeared. She no longer has to worry about stopping in the middle of tug of war or fetch to bite or scratch herself anymore. Her looks and her mental state have improved so much. Her personality is great and she appears to be enjoying her life so much more. I am ordering my 2nd supply of Dinovite today. Thank you so much Dinovite for supplying us with the solution to our problem. I am amazed at the lack of proper nutrition my dog was receiving prior to trying your product. I can't believe the companies that make top dollar dog food don't know anything about nutrition, all of them should be sprinkling Dinovite on their products!


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