Stinky Dog

Nutrient Deficient diets can cause your pet to have unhealthy skin. When skin is unhealthy and not supplied with the nutrients it needs to function properly it can stink. The nutrients in Dinovite can help support good skin function.

In Love With Dinovite!

My dog Riley has always been almost perfect, only problem was his shedding, which didn't change with the seasons. He is 7 and has also developed some skin problem (itching and smelling bad a few days after his bimonthly bath) and we began using dinovite and now I can go 2.5 months without giving him a bath and no itching and no smelling! I had tried everything from food to shampoos and finally tried dinovite and I must say, it is the best thing to happen to him and us! I couldn't be happier! I have told every dog owner I know about this product! I am a firm believer in it! THANK YOU DINOVITE!!

Lauren, Chattanooga TN

Fantastic Products

We recently started using Dinovite with the fish oil supplement. This has made a huge difference - the product does exactly what it says and more. Our pug has completely stopped the excessive shedding and scratching, and no longer smells like "wet, stinky dog". She looks and smells great, and her coat is now soft and shiny. She loves the taste of her food mixed with the supplements and has about 1/3 more energy (beyond her normal pug-energy). For a dog that is almost 7 & 1/2 years old, she is as active as a puppy! I highly recommend these products.

Bob P