Tasty Treats


5 Stars!

I have spent a small fortune on treats for my Maltese and she won't eat any of them...until now! She LOVES these treats!


Love Them!

Beasley loves them!! --and I love the quality!! -- real food in a snack!


Love These Treats!

My very finicky Yorkies loves these. I received as a free sample after ordering the shampoo well the Girls usually snub treats but they could not get enough I will be ordering again......:)

Yorkie mommy

Awesome Stuff

My Irish Setter suffers from Chronic Inflammatory Bowel Disease and consequently not only is he a picky eater, but we have to be very careful what we give him to eat, even for treats. NubOnubs are the best ever - not only does he love them, but they haven't upset his stomach ever - when he's really picky about eating, I chop a few up and add to his kibble and he's better about eating. He absolutely cannot eat chicken, so when I got a sample of NubOnubs in a box of Dinovite I ordered for my English Cockers, saw that this was all beef, I tried them on the Irish --great results. Thanks for the sample. Will order more.